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FOLD: Written in The Sky EP (2017)

FOLD:  Written in The Sky EPYou’ll have heard of ‘conscious’ hip-hop of course, but while Leeds four-piece Fold might be influenced by this genre of music, that’s not what they are. Calling them conscious soul would be more accurate – though there’s a strong chance using such a term would net you a spell in ‘Pseud’s Corner’ should Private Eye get wind of it, not to mention a slap from everyone else within earshot

FOLD: Fold (2015)

Fold FoldThe full-length eponymously-titled debut from Leeds outfit Fold is imminent and finds the band expanding their ‘fit a speech from inspirational public speakers to original music’ model to no fewer than ten tracks. Now, I know you might be thinking, ‘Well all they’ve done is fit inspirational speeches to original music’ but let’s consider both the parts and the sum of them

FOLD: Oil-Powered Machine/ Detroit Red (2014)

Oil Powered Machine Detroit Red FoldLive breaks outfit Fold simultaneously commemorate two inspirational men and tackle two of the man’s twin tools of fear and control – on the breaks ‘n dead activist – er – powered Oil-Powered Machine and Detroit Red. The former borrows the words of the late Michael Ruppert and puts the boot into the feral self-interest of the petrochemical industrial complex by revealing

FOLD: Be Water My Friend (2014)

Be Water My Friend FoldIt says here that Leeds-based “experimental trip-hop band” Fold, “explore the natural rhythms of speech by using samples that also aim to bring to light subjects close to their own hearts and minds.” Come again? You mean like, say, Bruce Lee expounding his philosophy about kung fu over a rolling break replete with washes of funky guitar, horns and that archetypal seventies jazz funk