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FOLD: Written in The Sky EP (2017)

FOLD:  Written in The Sky EPYou’ll have heard of ‘conscious’ hip-hop of course, but while Leeds four-piece Fold might be influenced by this genre of music, that’s not what they are. Calling them conscious soul would be more accurate – though there’s a strong chance using such a term would net you a spell in ‘Pseud’s Corner’ should Private Eye get wind of it, not to mention a slap from everyone else within earshot

FOLD: Fold (2015)

Fold FoldThe full-length eponymously-titled debut from Leeds outfit Fold is imminent and finds the band expanding their ‘fit a speech from inspirational public speakers to original music’ model to no fewer than ten tracks. Now, I know you might be thinking, ‘Well all they’ve done is fit inspirational speeches to original music’ but let’s consider both the parts and the sum of them

FOLD: Two Past Midnight (A Tribute To Fannie Lou Hamer)(2015)

Two Past Midnight Fannie Lou HamerFold make a song and a dance out of speeches by civil rights activist Fannie Lou Hamer on next single Two Past Midnight which channels the righteous fury of the dispossessed though a tight drum break, rock guitar riffage and samples of Hamer preaching her message. On the flip, smouldering keys, dirty wah and looser percussion along with more Hamer create a Gil Scott Heron-