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FLEVANS: It Takes The Whole Day / In Shadows

FLEVANS: It Takes The Whole Day / In ShadowsHere’s the new single from Flevans then, It Takes The Whole Day. Wait, what!? It’s a twenty-four hour long track?! He’s not messing around is he? No, stupid, that’s the title – It Takes The Whole Day. Wait, what!? The title takes the whole day? etc. etc. Hours of fun. Though actually, the new Flevans single actually only provides three minutes, four seconds of orchestra-drenched pop-

FLEVANS feat. LAURA VANE: Realisation

FLEVANS feat. LAURA VANE: RealisationContinuing his highly successful partnership with Laura Vane, Flevans returns with new single Realisation – and waits for you to comprehend that he’s taken 80s boogie in funky direction – indeed arguably to a point where it crosses over with what used to be called ‘nu-funk’. Thus, on this, you can expect much heavier syncopation on much more organic-sounding drums than the 80s


FLEVANS feat. LAURA VANE: Mr RightTeaming up once more with soul songstress Laura Vane, it’s Flevans toting the positively Prince-channeling new single Mr Right. Is that ‘head voice’ or ‘female falsetto’ Vane’s employing? Frankly you won’t care as you’ll be sucked into the groove before you can say, ‘fat bass, slap bass, rhythm guitar and sax.’ What you going to pair that with Mr F? A pumping slice of uptempo Latin


ALDO VANUCCI feat. KYLIE AULDIST: You're All Show (FLEVANS remix)Seems it’s finally time for You’re All Show, the Kylie Auldist-featuring highlight from Aldo Vanucci’s recent Digging For A Living album to get a single release and it’s accompanied by a Flevans remix. The big band funk sound of the original has actually been floating around since 2012 when it first appeared on Vanucci’s Love Is Loops EP (so you must know how dope it is by now!) and, sadly, it still isn’t out on 45 as this is a digi-only release

FLEVANS feat. LAURA VANE: Invisible

FLEVANS feat. LAURA VANE:  InvisibleFlevans’ latest single, Invisible, is the third to be released off his forthcoming long-player, Part-Time Millionaire, the second to feature songstress Laura Vane and the best one yet so let’s hope it’s showing up on everyone’s radar. It starts off with pensive rhythm guitar, bass and head-nodding drum break while our Laura hopes she can escape a ‘few dark days’ during which she’s been ‘choking

FLEVANS: It Just Goes/ Ex-Factor

FLEVANS:  It Just Goes/ Ex-FactorFlevans follows up September’s vinyl 7″ Who’s Got Me with new single It Just Goes – in a seemingly unstoppable flow of funk-soul-breaks-hip-hop singles from Jalapeno this autumn which just – er – keeps on going. Bristol singer Sarah Scott (whose credits have included work with both Parker and Boca 45/ Parker side project The Beekeepers) is here employed by Flevans to

FLEVANS: Who’s Got Me (feat. LAURA VANE)/ Take Your Money (Vinyl 7″)

FLEVANS:  Who's Got Me (feat. LAURA VANE)/ Take Your Money (Vinyl 7‘Whither next for Flevans?’ you might ask regarding the party breaks veteran who has lately signed to Jalapeno – a natural artist/label fit if ever there was one. Turns out the first destination on this new stage of his musical journey is a vinyl 7″ featuring a certain Laura Vane – last heard of in these parts in the company of The Vipertones. What’s that Laura – Who’s Got Me? Well it’ll be

INSIGHT: True Or False – 2009 – Single review

Rating: ★★★★☆

Stateside rapper Insight spits hard and fast about hidden agendas, double-dealing, corruption and general politrickery over a dope uptempo Tom Caruana beat and hammond loop with a cuts-based hook courtesy of DJ OMC. He even has a crack at Blair which can’t be bad – though if you’re going to name and shame the monkey, it is a bit remiss not to throw a few buckets of shit over the organ-grinder who in this case remains merely implicated – perhaps because Insight couldn’t think of a rhyme for Bush. Here’s one – ‘cunt’. Oops my bad – that’s a synonym not a rhyme. This particular slice of righteous and sophisticated ire is accompanied by no less than six remixes from the likes of Flevans, Evil Sun, Mr Simmonds, Savages, M.W.D. & Suhov – the best of which is probably Savages’ blaxploitation wigout.
(Out now on Tea Sea Records)

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