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FOREIGN LEGION: ‘Night Moves’ + tracklist – 2011

Even more delayed than the Beastie Boys Hot Sauce Committee Part 2 fellow true-schoolers Foreign Legion finally release ‘difficult third’ album, Night Moves on 12 April this year.

Full-Time B-Boy was the big underground banger that broke them (in the UK at least) at the turn of the millenium

FOREIGN LEGION: ‘The Ultimate’ free download single + video + ‘Night Moves’ LP update – 2011

Still keeping it hotter than block parties in hell, it’s the imminent return of the FL! It says here that new FL single The Ultimate is a slow lane banger. If that seems a bit oxymoronic check Grandpa J’s woozy Asheru & Blue Black style horns-infused beat and you’ll get the picture. Marc Stretch and Prozack are back and – while I hesitate to announce much–delayed full-length LP Night Moves yet again, it is, allegedly, finally, due