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FULGEANCE & DJ SCIENTIST: Moscow Nightlife (2014)

Moscow Nightlife Fulgeance DJ ScientistHere’s a bit of Moscow Nightlife for you and I’m not talking the club-door ‘face control’ arguments/ intense vodka binges with barely-clad hardbodies/ early hours swims in the Moskva chained to a lump of concrete variety either. No, this is the product of some ‘behind-the-Iron-Curtain’ crate digging from Franco German production alliance Fulgeance and DJ Scientist and the first single off forthcoming

THE FONTANELLES: Horns Of Freedom (2013)

November is this year’s month of afrobeat it would appear what with The Fontanelles’ Horns Of Freedom and The Liberators Power Struggle both coming out. The Fontanelles (in case you didn’t read about July single Pinprick/ Criminality on MB) used to be the onstage band for the London run of Fela Kuti musical Fela! You imagine it would have been a bit hard to go home and forget all

RIOT JAZZ BRASS BAND: Sousamaphone (2013)

In all fairness to First Word Records, I was apprised of the existence of the Riot Jazz Brass Band‘s LP Sousamaphone nearly a month ago, i.e. prior to its release. What with the annual MB European surf tour happening though, it’s had to wait until now for MB coverage. But let’s not allow that delay to be an impediment to your funky edumacation. RJBB are a fifteen-strong brass funk

THE FONTANELLES: Pinprick/Criminality (2013)

What happens to a highly skilled twelve piece afro funk band put together for the Fela Kuti musical when the musical has run its course? They get signed by First Word Records of course. I can imagine the conversation now…
“So what are this lot going to call themselves then?”
“They decided they were going to be called The

FIRST WORD RECORDS: First Word Is 7 (2011) – free download

“Funk, soul, hip-hop, reggae, beats and beyond” – here’s a drop that’s right up the monkey’s street and it’s freer than Mr Humphries from Are You Being Served on his day off. Leeds-based First Word Records is seven years old (hence the title First Word Is 7) and by way of celebration they’ve put up an album for download gratis. It’s not to be sniffed at either with the likes of Kid Kanevil, Souleance, 6IX Toys, and The Haggis Horns