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PROSPER & STABFINGER:  Fire In Me EPCurrently turning out about one EP/ single thingy a year on Bombstrikes, Prosper & Stabfinger’s effort for 2018 – the Fire In Me EP – is out tomorrow. But where their Mista Funkmaster EP chopped up the samples and their Dopeness EP balanced the samples with original vox, the pair go all original for this one. Forgoing his more usual falsetto, funky man Georges Perin adds a touch of

EWAN HOOZAMI: Fire In Me EP (2013) Free download

Do androids dream of electric sheep? Couldn’t tell you – I’m not an android. Well, I say ‘not’ – there was that whole episode with the origami unicorn…anyway – whatever androids dream of, it’s a fairly sure bet that they get down to a bit of robot soul at the replicant roadhouse. Which is where Bristol producer Ewan Hoozami comes in. His new album Robot Soul is out soon and if teaser EP Fire In Me is