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FEATURECAST: Run For Cover (2012)

Rating: ★★★★★
Featurecast finally delivers a full-length album – Run For Cover and it’s a bit of a game changer for the genre known as ‘ghetto funk.’ Now, you might have reservations about a term which has been appropriated by a scene producing a frequently bass wobble-obsessed, latterday descendant of nineties big beat which also has the hots for funk, disco and

FEATURECAST featuring FARINA MISS: Ego Tripping + Public Enemy ‘Harder Than You Think’ free download (2012)

Rating: ★★★★★
The latest from one of ghetto funk’s greatest, Featurecast (in the run-up to the drop of his forthcoming LP Run For Cover) is the sultry Ego Tripping featuring Farina Miss. Apparently, Mr Cast doesn’t just do club bangers but is somewhat more than a fair hand at producing fuck-music too – who knew? If it’s club bangers you want though you’ll

VARIOUS: Jalapeno Funk Vol. 4 (2012) + DJ Moneyshot “Rob Resurrected’ free download

For Jalapeno Funk Vol. 4, UK label Jalapeno draw together the disparate elements of the funky end of the bass music scene by assembling a motley crew of eleven artists and getting them to contribute something modern and funk-related (both originals and remixes as well as previously released stuff and exclusives), for this fifteen tracker

FEATURECAST: Ghetto Funk presents (GFPD10) (2012) Free download

This free two-tracker (digital 45 anyone?) from the Ghetto Funk label reveals that for the first track Featurecast did a dawn raid on what is arguably the most famous number from funk legends the Isley Brothers and (let’s be honest) one of the most famous funk tracks of all time – It’s Your Thing. Every bugger’s covered it from the Jackson 5, to Aretha, responded to it (James

FEATURECAST: Around The Block EP (2012) + ‘Going, Going Gone’ free download

Featurecast’s latest is the Around The Block EP. Around the block? Oh what – like some sort of breaks ‘bike’? Spreading his beats as widely as he can? Offering it up any way he likes whether you want it or not? Do you want some? Well do you? Don’t make the mistake of thinking Featurecast is some sort of ghetto funk slag though – he doesn’t give it out for free – at least not this time

CHART – July 2011

(NEW) 1. Panama Cardoon – Carmen

Massive Latin-breaks crowd pleaser.

FEATURECAST: Ghetto Funk presents Featurecast EP (2011)

Rating: ★★★★★
Nowadays I normally wouldn’t bother bigging up a Ghetto Funk label release as it’s difficult to blow your trumpet louder than they blow their own. For starters, there’s the whole name thing. ‘Ghetto funk’ was their idea and it wasn’t the first applied to the artists working in the genre but now it’s the most widely used. Then there’s the fact that in the space of a year, they’ve acquired most of the major players in the genre as part of their ‘crew.’

MONKEYBOXING PRESENTS: Filthy Rhythm, Dirty Soul Vol. 1 (2011) Free download

Monkeyboxing.com is proud to present Filthy Rhythm, Dirty Soul featuring the dopest cuts from some of the finest current purveyors of FUNK, SOUL, HIP-HOP, NUFUNK, GHETTOFUNK and REGGAE. Includes EXCLUSIVE tracks from SMOOVE (Jalepeno/ Wack), ANDY TAYLOR (Resense/ Wack), and THE HAWK (Record Kicks) along with ALDO VANUCCI, FEATURECAST and THA ‘LIKS massive hip-hop banger from last year, a remix from reggae-remix legend JSTAR and more

MONKEYBOXING.COM top ten tracks 2010

(Monkeyboxing top ten albums 2010 HERE)A huge hip-hop tune from Aldo Vanucci, Featurecast and Tha ‘Liks, some big funk bangers from the likes of Funkshone and the Bamboos but it’s definitely been a reggae kind of year. Here’s some you should have got your hands on in 2010…

FEATURECAST: Goodgroove Artist Series no. 11

If you like danceable breakbeats mashed with old funk or hip-hop vocals and club sensibility it’s a bit of a golden era right now as labels like Wack, Sunsetsoul, Manmade and of course, Goodgroove, along with random individuals like Aldo Vanucci and DJ Shepdog all push each other on a monthly basis. Hot on the heels of the latest drops from Da Wiesel and Vanucci comes this Featurecast effort which hands a chopped-up version of soul standard Too Hard To Handle a break that tugs at the leash, provides us with a frankly nasty 80s vibe on Get It On The Floor, a colossal mambo-breaks hybrid floor-filler in Rock Ya Body and even finds a place for recent Red Hot Pipe And Slippers track Hump-De-Bump on Bump. Ok so Goodgroove drops often seem to have the most house-like sensibilities of all the above named labels and those old enough might have trouble differentiating between this and 90s ‘big beat’ but it’s still a funky breakbeat and until proper hip-hop remembers where the dancefloor is, nothing is going to light a fire under clubbers’ asses than stuff like this.
(PRESS RELEASE) The 20th release for Goodgroove brings a 4 tracker from the mighty Featurecast himself. The label has supported Featurecast all the way from the first release and now a household name he is hotter then ever. Askillz, Ali B and almost anyone who got hold of the promos has been rinsin the hell out of all these tracks. Funky breaks at their best.
(Out on Goodgroove 15 December 2009 – vinyl only release)

“Every track is a winner on this release, been rinsing “Whoah!” every gig. Featurecast always delivers!” A SKILLZ
“Big tunes!” DJ YODA

Featurecast: Goodgroove Artist Series no. 11 – Tracklist
A1. Whoah!
A2. Rock Ya Body
B1. Bump
B2. Get On The Floor

Listen to Featurecast: Goodgroove Artist Series 11

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