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CUT BEETLEZ & THE GOOD PEOPLE: Bad News Following an initial foray into the hip-hop market with Bronx Slang, Fabyl Recordings heads boom-bap-wards once more as Finland’s Cut Beetlez and NYC’s The Good People come together to create a ‘Fabyl Four’ for new single Bad News. And so it falls to J-Man and HP Lovescratch to set up a positively cavernous double-bass-powered beat, with Emskee and Saint providing the rhymes –


BRONX SLANG:  Bronx SlangRating: ★★★★★ Hurrah! It’s finally time to get fully attuned to that ‘ol boogie down Bronx argot with the long-awaited, self-titled debut LP from Bronx Slang. The album, on the Fabyl label, follows a trio of dope singles characterised by classic hip-hop word-play between Jerry Beeks (previously known for solo work on Bad Magic, the label owned by The Wiseguys’ Theo Keating, back in the

BRONX SLANG: Ladies & Gentlemen

That Bronx Slang LP has been a minute coming hasn’t it? And – er – it’s still not out. Close though. But if Ladies & Gentlemen isn’t the long-awaited full-length effort from Bronx emcees Jerry Beeks and Shootyz Groove’s Ollie Miggs, it does at least follow Well Well Well and Run Away Suckas to become the third single off it. So – while you await the album’s early March release why not sit back

BRONX SLANG: Run Away Sucker

BRONX SLANG:  Run Away SuckerRating: ★★★★★ Shhh! What’s that sound? Rolling boom-bap drums? Cavernous funk bass? Muted squalls of taut guitar lurking in the background and a tag team of veteran MCs on the mic? Prepare yourself for more gritty NY boom-bap as Bronx Slang follow Well Well Well with next single Run Away Sucker both of which are taken from

BRONX SLANG: Well Well Well

BRONX SLANG:  Well Well WellRating: ★★★★★ Stand by for real hip-hop as the big discovery of Nick Faber’s recent comp. for his new Fabyl label, Bronx Slang (a.k.a the long off-the-radar Jerry Beeks and his homie Ollie Miggs) launch Well Well Well, the first fusillade off their forthcoming self-titled LP. What ensues is three and half minute’s of the duo pondering what would happen if only they possessed the skills of

VARIOUS: Fabyl: Arrival

VARIOUS:  Fabyl: ArrivalRating: ★★★★★ A new wave of big beat seems to have been lurking in the wings ever since the first wave of big beat and in recent years the likes of Rory Hoy and Pulpfusion have been resolutely flying the flag for old school uptempo breakbeat music that doesn’t bass wobble like a Weeble. Joining them in 2018 is producer to the stars, Nick Faber, a man who knows a thing or two about big