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DUBBLE D: Thud (2013)

Let’s do the Timewarp again as the Greek label’s new one from Dubble D lands with a Thud. Well more of a mild breaks nod and a clap really. The Belgian producer’s recent mellow midtempo contribution to the label’s Lime Sorbet Vol. 3 comp. gets a dedicated release with no fewer than four remixes. EZ Icarus goes for an Alex Reece-ish dnb angle with a rapped vocal courtesy of MC J

EZ ICARUS: DJ Masterclass Vol. 1 (2013)

EZ Icarus! No, not the words Daedalus said to his son when he forgot to follow some quite specific (not to mention fairly easy to remember) altitude advice but rather EZ Icarus the producer. Specifically his new drop DJ Masterclass Vol. 1. That’ll be two hip-hop booties and a sunshine-drenched slice of uptempo (ghetto) funky breaks then. Expect a bit of the MOP vs Mr Scruff, Jurassic

Various: BBP Remixed (2013)

Apparently May is international ghetto funk/ nufunk/ breaks remix month for here is Badboe‘s heavyweight scene label Breakbeat Paradise with twelve of the best from the BBP library getting a rework. Perhaps unsurprisingly, among those being remixed are some of the remixers. That’ll be Tom Drummond, Jayl Funk and Badboe himself – of course – after all, what kind of man throws a party

EL BOMBA: Cop Dat Shit (2012)

Hot on the heels of Basement Freaks’ Gold Digga is another breaks/ ghetto funker that pares an old hip-hop vocal hook down to its hookiest part though in this case the artist is El Bomba and the hook invites us to “Cop Dat Shit.” That’s ‘invite’ in the Mafia sense of course since, by the time you hear the words “cop dat shit,” you’ve already been ‘copping’ a minute of throbbing buzzsaw bassquake

BIG M presents: EZ Icarus – Funky Vine (2012)

Hey everybody, it’s EZ Icarus with his track Funky Vine whereon he walks the bass through a 140 bpm breaks/dnb thing complete with chopped up vox from a soul sister version of Marvin classic I Heard It Through The Grapevine. Yet another BigM release hot on the heels of two others? I bet you’re wondering how I knew? It took me by surprise when I found out yesterday. Just fucking with you