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PARKER: Aqua Dust EP – exclusive first listen to ‘A Dream’ (2016)

Aqua Dust EP ParkerAqua Dust: industrial mop conditioner, some old cobblers to do with ‘water spirits’ in an online offshoot of geekfest Minecraft, an allegedly highly versatile shade of grey modellers’ paint or the latest musical effort from highly respected Bristol bass music don, Parker? Unbelievably, it is all of the above, though the monkey only gives a monkeys about the last one. Yes, the return

FEATURECAST: ‘Shout It Out’ album (2016) + exclusive premiere of ‘Shout It Out’ feat. ILLVIS FRESHLY

Shout It Out FeaturecastIn 2012, Featurecast was pretty much the only person to have released anything like a full-length album which embraced the broad church of sound that has come to be known as ‘ghetto funk’ with his excellent LP Run For Cover. Four years on and – er – you can still count the number of artists who have released a full length ‘ghetto funk’ album on one hand, despite the genre’s obvious