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Lord Steppington is the long-threatened album drop on Rhymesayers from the Step Brothers team of sometime Whooligan, Alchemist and sometime Dilated person, Evidence. The fourteen tracker features a veritable family gathering of underground hip-hop guests (Domo Genesis, Styles P, Action Bronson, Roc Marciano, Fashawn, Rakaa Iriscience, Blu and Oh No) which verges on the

STEP BROTHERS (Alchemist & Evidence): Step Masters (2013) + video

Alchemist and Evidence are Step Brothers and the video to slo-mo-stoner-scratch-rap cut Step Masters (off their debut forthcoming Rhymesayers LP release Lord Steppington, due January) finds them giving free reign to their ‘sibling’ rivalry in a series of competitions. Evidence is the man, it seems, when it comes to such tasks as speed-chugging beer, bowling strikes, Jenga, scoring baskets

RHYMESAYERS: London Tour Stories video (2011)

In which various artists on the 2011 Carhartt/ Rhymesayers tour relate why they love the Big Smoke. Or not. Slug found the bacon undercooked, Budo informs us that he’s half English and like everyone this side of the Atlantic he already drinks tea with pinkie raised and salutes the Queen while Evidence hates Heathrow but thinks the weed is pretty good. Thus it is Brother Ali alone, who

EVIDENCE: It Wasn’t Me (2011) video + ‘Cats & Dogs’ LP audio

Dilated Peoples’ rapper Evidence releases the video to It Wasn’t Me from his just released and long-awaited Cats And Dogs LP and as you might expect the lyrics find him engaged in some extended denial of responsibility. Texting other women besides the one he’s seeing? Tagging some building? Making slightly watered down versions of the sort of hip-hop he was doing ten years ago. He denies it all – oh wait – not the last one

EVIDENCE: ‘You’ (prod. DJ Premier) (2011) video

Hot on the tail of the Fashawn featuring Same Folks comes another video from Dilated Peoples emcee/ producer Evidence. You (for such is the track’s name) features a Premo beat that DJ Premier himself premiered on his radio show last week. Try saying that when you’re pissed. Actually for a Premo beat it’s a dead ringer for a Platform/ Expansion Team-era Dilated beat. Which is nice

EVIDENCE: Cats & Dogs (2011) LP details + preview mix free download + ‘Same Folks’ feat. Fashawn video

Once upon a time in hip-hop a group called Dilated Peoples worked the angles to popular underground acclaim. This would be back when record shops were so thick with manboys wearing empty Eastpak rucksacks that it almost made you want to stop buying vinyl and go home and illegally download mp3s. By the time Eastpak rucksack sales had past their peak, Dilated’s star had begun to wane and I had trouble finding a record shop

RHYMESAYERS PRESENT: The Rhymesayers European Tour – Atmosphere/ Brother Ali/ Evidence (of Dilated Peoples) / Blueprint/ Grieves & Budo (2011)

Rhymesayers? They’re not law obeyers they’re non-stop rhythm rock poetry sayers and they’ll be proving it by invading Europe this November starting in London. Actually they probably are law obeyers, that bit just sounded good. Yes, this autumn is all about emo-hoppers Atmosphere and various homies from the underground behemoth of a label that Atmosphere founded: Brother Ali, Evidence, Blueprint and Grieves and Budo

EVIDENCE – ‘To Be Continued…’ video + ‘Cats & Dogs’ Lp update

Rapper/ producer Evidence of Dilated Peoples has been keeping himself busy recently by signing up to Rhymesayers for his forthcoming solo LP Cats & Dogs, and you can cop the – er – evidence of his hard work in the shape of the video for his first single To Be Continued below. Mind you, I say ‘hard work’, but the man appears to have interpreted this as ‘recite one of my rhymes whilst spending the day on a rollercoaster. Let’s hope his album has more ups than downs eh?
Evidence – Myspace

EVIDENCE (feat Phonte, Blu and Will I Am) – For Whom The Bell Tolls – 2008 – Single review

Rating: ★☆☆☆☆

No man is an island but I wished I was fucking on one when I heard this miserable dirge. This is the musical equivalent of an aging Bassett Hound resting its drooling jowls on paws that are two days away from a fatal injection. Not even the presence of Little Brother’s Phonte Coleman can rescue the sometime Dilated Peoples’ rapper from raising the Christmas suicide rate with this. Apparently his EP’s going to be called The Layover – I’d fucking have one if I was him. Evidence – you should never ask for whom the bell tolls. It tolls for you son.
Out now on Decon US

Listen to – Evidence – For Whom The Bell Tolls

Evidence Myspace

JAKE ONE – White Van Music – 2008 – Album review

Rating: ★★★★☆

If you’re reading this in the UK you can relax – LP title White Van Music is not a reference to commercial radio stations that play Girls Aloud at speaker-blowing volumes – DJ/Producer Jake One doesn’t roll like that. His homies do however include De La Soul, MF Doom, E40, Nas and Fifty Cent (to name but a few) – in fact – he’s part of the G-Unit production team. ‘What?’ I hear you ask, ‘is this man trying to appeal to both the underground and the mainstream? How does he straddle this divide? Like a colossus – or like a clown with one foot on a roller skate and the other on a banana skin?’ Well, on the evidence of White Van Music, I have to say the answer tends more toward the former.
On this, his debut solo LP, Jake One works with rappers as mainstream as Busta Rhymes and as cult as MF Doom and Slug: as old school as Casual and Posdnuos and as hyphy as Keak Da Sneak. He chamelonically adapts his sound to each MC without attempting to blatantly ape the sound for which each rapper is known. So what is Jake One’s sound? First track I’m Coming pretty much answers that one – fat beats shot through with a heavy dose of seventies soul. A blaxploitation sample about being high on ‘musical dope’ gives way to a chant of ‘Open up I’m coming’ that sounds like a war-party of psycho munchkins before Black Milk and Nottz kick a dope verse. It’s one of the best tracks on the LP, though MOP ‘joint’ Gangsta Boy and Brother Ali vehicle The Truth keep the quality until the first interlude. The D Black and Little Brother cuts which follow aren’t bad but they just aren’t all that distinctive either. Things pick up a bit with the skipping break on the Posdnuos and Slug’s Oh Really and Doom rolls it all abstract on the noirish Trap Door. Freeway gets lively again on How We Ride and is given a suitably upbeat backdrop, Doom gets a second highly satisfactory crack at the whip on Get ‘Er Done and Hiero soldier Casual gets all up in your face with Feelin’ My Shit. As far as lyrical themes go it’s (unsurprisingly) ninety per cent all about how dope each rapper is – though Blueprint obviously felt secure enough about himself to tell a story about the shit that happened when he was seeing some gangsta chick rather than constantly big himself up in Scared. You won’t be at all surprised to learn that the prize for best rhymes goes to the effortless Daniel ‘Doom’ Dumile though.
This isn’t an LP where the quality drops off radically after the first two thirds, in fact there’s nothing wack on here at all – even Busta Rhymes holds back on the cheese and production is warm and full – not unlike my new baby’s nappy – though that stinks and Jake One’s production does not. In fact there’s only two flavours of Jake One in evidence – the not bad and the pretty good. I guess I could’ve done with a little more variety in tempo or style – but there’s variety in MCs instead. It would be cheap to end by punning that everything is pretty much ‘jake’ with White Van Music, but hey – it’s true.
Out now on Rhymesayers
Buy White Van Music: Jake One Presents @ amazon.co.uk

Listen to Jake One – White Van Music

Jake One – Myspace