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THE FUNKSTAMATICS: Koekwaus (100K Horns Mix)

FUNKSTAMATICS:  Koekwaus (100K Horns Mix)Looks like The Funkstamatics (a.k.a. the band formerly known as Euro Cinema) have been having rather a lot of success on Spotify these days recently clocking up an impressive one hundred thousand plays of their 2013 single Koekwaus. Thinking that perhaps they ought to celebrate, the band had a ponder about how they could top the

EURO CINEMA: Thank You (The Cuckoo)/ One Kind Of Coffee Ltd. 7″ (2014)

Thank You One Kind Of Coffee Euro CinemaAny wax warriors aghast at the lack of vinyl to accompany the recent drop of Funkstamatic, the second LP by Dutch crew Euro Cinema, can relax a little bit. Painted Dog Records have put out a seven inch of two of the dopest cuts – the gritty uptempo mover Thank You (The Cuckoo) and the guitar-picking New Orleans (or rather, Nieuw Orlijns) funk of 1 Kind Of Coffee. I say ‘can relax a

EURO CINEMA: Funkstamatic (2014)

Funkstamatic EurocinemaIf their Blue Note-centric debut album Ten-4 was a single screen movie house, Euro Cinema‘s hammond funk-rock/ New Orleans funk/ lounge/ neo-soul/ jazz-funk follow up Funkstamatic is more of your multiplex type affair. Mind you if you caught any of the procession of singles and leaked tracks in the two year run-up to this drop – you could tell it wasn’t going to all be west coast jazz funk again

EURO CINEMA: Ducktape (2013)

Dutch funk maestros Euro Cinema team up with tenor saxophonist Efraim Trujillo on this one to create something adhesive enough to hold together the concept of Eddie Harris and the concept of the JBs simultaneously. As if that’s not enough, there’s even some Parliaments-style guitar towards the end. What could possibly be strong enough, durable enough and versatile to attach all these things?

EURO CINEMA: Ten-4 – 2011

Euro Cinema? From Holland? Yeah, it’s ok – I’m referring to Euro Cinema the hammond beat band, from Holland, not the ‘Euro cinema’ ‘from Holland’ that my mate’s dad used to keep in a shoebox at the bottom of his wardrobe…if you know what I mean. What’s Hammond-y jazz funk got to do with cinema? It’s a ‘library music’ reference isn’t it? You know – all that ‘groovy’ sixties stuff