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EMPRESARIOS:  AmanecerJust out, new instrumental single Amanecer from DC outfit Empresarios. That skippy little drum break and the Latin-style percussion both say ‘Wakey, wakey!’ while that somnolent bass and those washes of synth in the background both say, ‘It’s too early, ten more minutes, yeah?’ Entirely appropriate then for it to be called ‘sunrise’ in

EMPRESARIOS: The Vibes Remixed LP (2016)

the-vibes-remixed-empresariosWashington DC dj/ production collective Empresarios round off their The Vibes LP-related release schedule with The Vibes Remixed LP (taking in )- not to be confused with The Vibes Remixed EP which came out in the summer though it does contain the four remixes of track The Vibes which that featured. Also included are two remixes of Morena, two of Salsoul, three of No Vamos A

EMPRESARIOS: ‘No Vamos A Parar Remixed’ EP (2016)

no-vamos-a-parar-empresarios-remixed-epThere’s no stopping Empresarios as they push ahead with more remixes off last year’s The Vibes album, this time handing the keys (or at least the stems) of No Vamos A Parar over to remixers Bobby C Sound TV, DJ Clairvo, Senor Griff and Farid. Senor Griff gets all latin psychedelic with the dub FX while Farid

FORT KNOX FIVE feat. EMPRESARIOS: Cinco To The Brinco (2016)

Cinco To The Brinco Fort Knox Five EmpresariosFort Knox Five (or should that be Fort Knox Cinco) get their brinco on with the aid of Empresarios for this latest single and batch of remixes off the Pressurize The Cabin LP. And of how many tracks shall such a release consist? Why five of course – a veritable quintet of breakbeat flavours! Thus Basement Freaks adds a pinch of glitch and a soupcon of moombah, Omegaman

LOS HERMANOS FLORES: Enfermera (EMPRESARIOS Dubplate especial) (2015) Exclusive free download

Enfermera Los Empresarios“Enfermera…Enfermera!…Enfermera!!”
“Yo no voy a cambiar las sábanas de nuevo, Señor Hastings.”

…and if you got that – you might even be old enough to remember seventies cumbia outfit La Orquesta Los Hermanos Flores! Fear not if you didn’t though, for DC-based, Fort Knox Recordings signings, Empresarios, have

ASTRONAUT JONES: Game Theory (2014)

Game Theory Astronaut JonesAstronaut Jones has decided that what the world needs is more in the way of ‘jazz fusion’-flavoured breaks and moreover that he’s the man to provide it. Gambling thus wildly with the public’s tastes, Jones initiates Game Theory with a ‘plugging into the amp’ sound and some groovy blaxploitation bass which promises a wondrous percussive drop. And said drop is indeed delivered but only after

SMOKEY BANDITS: Debut Remixed Vol. 1 (2013)

George Fotiadis and Quasamodo enlist the aid of a wild bunch of remix bandoleros on what the ‘Vol. 1’ tag would indicate is only the first in a collection of remixes of Smokey Bandits‘ debut LP Debut. Buffalo soldier Blend Mishkin dubs up the riddim on dusty reggae cut Smoke From The Attic, Washington bandidos Empresarios increase the beat on A Son’s Lament, and remix rustler

PINCHERS: Bandelero (EMPRESARIOS Dubplate Especial remix) (2013) Free download

Tropical bass? Go on then – it’s bloody hot enough – I’m sat here in just my Kool Keith paisley y-fronts and it’s pouring off me. Step forward Fort Knox RecordingsEmpresarios to give Pinchers’ 1990 latin-themed reggae number the tropicaliente bass treatment. Fans of Pincher’s original will still find that, “dem lyrics a chop like the sword of Zorro-oh” – but now mandem also work ‘im drum and ‘im

EMPRESARIOS: El Sonido Magico Remixed (2013)

What with it being half a year down the line from the release of EmpresariosEl Sonido Magico, it’s remix o’clock and a dirty baker’s dozen of producers have been assembled to show entrepreneurial innovation with the stems of the magic sound of Fort Knox Recordings‘ purveyors of tropicaliente. Which means that G Flux, Fort Knox Five, Omegaman, Bobby C Sound TV, All Good Funk