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URSULA 1000 feat. EMMA NOBLE: Gimme A Sign

URSULA 1000 feat. EMMA NOBLE:  Gimme A SignYou can always rely on NYC’s Ursula 1000 for retro-futuristic sounds so it’s no surprise that Gimme A Sign kicks off with Latin boogaloo-style bongos and scorching Hammond keys. Our Ursula’s not one to confine himself to a single decade in his influences though so when a pumping nu-disco beat commences, adorned with synthwork, boogie and even Eastern influences

EMMA NOBLE: Emma Noble EP (Deluxe double Vinyl 7″)

Emma Noble EPThere’s no turning back for Emma Noble with the release of her blistering self-titled debut EP – not least of the reasons for which is uptempo fortune-seeking anthem and opener No Turning Back.  Out now on digital with the double vinyl 7″ format dropping at the start of March, the release also finds the UK soul chanteuse provide three other excellent reasons why the only way is forward