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ELECTROGORILLA: Enimal PlanetElectrogorilla (a.k.a. The Funk Fury, a.k.a Synoptix) follows 2015’s All Get Down EP on Breakbeat paradise with full-length effort Enimal Planet. It’s a nine-track affair on which our man hedges his bets by offering electro-tinged breaks of various flavours, that will appeal both to wobble fans (albeit while maintaining a healthy level of funkiness e.g. on Electrhino) and those preferring

ELECTROGORILLA: All Get Down EP (2015)

All Get Down EP Electro GorillaNo knuckle-dragging for Electrogorilla on the All Get Down EP as he goes ape with the funky breaks and provides four lively beats to soundtrack all manner of dancefloor pre-mating rituals. If U Really Like is the big band horns-toting, simian sound-featuring, b-boy friendly opener, What U Rockin For takes the tempo up and goes for a more minimal feel with electro keys, All Get Down