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DJ DSK: DNA Edits Vol. 7 (Vinyl 7″)

DJ DNA:  Edits Vol. 7Who’s this with DNA Edits Vol. 7 then? Why, it’s DJ DSK of course – what with editing being in his, er, DNA after all. But what delights does he have for us this August? Well, first up is Creep. Nope, not a re-version of the Radiohead depress-fest but rather one of the track of the same name by 90s R&B-ers TLC. Perhaps uncharacteristically, for a remix, this one doesn’t attempt to ‘go larger’ than

DJ ANDY TAYLOR (1977-2020 R.I.P.): Isolation Pop LP

DJ ANDY TAYLOR (R.I.P. 1977 - 2020): Isolation Pop LPIf you’re a long time MB reader, you’ll have seen many posts about dope music Andy Taylor has edited, remixed or created in the last decade or more so it was incredibly sad to hear that he passed away this week. Though the monkey never met Andy in person, we had many chats via email and social media beginning all the way back in the days of Myspace in the mid-2000s. Not only was

BOBBY BYRD/ LYN COLLINS: Hot Pants – I’m Coming Coming I’m Coming/ Mama Feelgood (SOOPASOUL edits) 7″ (2017)

BOBBY BYRD/ LYN COLLINS:  Hot Pants - I'm Coming Coming I'm Coming/ Mama Feelgood (SOOPASOUL edits) 7Rating: ★★★★★ Not that this needs any plugging you understand because I can imagine that like DJ Soopasoul’s other two recent massive sets of seven inch funk edits, this 45 is very likely to sell out. Indeed – you’ll be lucky to find a copy of Vol. 1 – his subtle tweak of the queen of soul’s Respect. This time around though, Soop. done stole Bobby Byrd’s not-in-any-way sexual Hot

HONEST LEE: Re-Edits Part 4 (2015)

Re-Edits Vol. 4 Honest LeeRating: ★★★★★ Honestly, where would we be without Honest Lee? The answer, of course, is seven funk edits short of a party as you’ll hear from Re-Edits Part 4 where our man takes on Los Dinamicos Exciters, Ann Peebles (two versions of Somebody’s On Your Case), The Explosions, Sly And The Family Stone, Gladys Knight and Mary Wells. Listen closely and you’ll hear that Lee