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SMOOVE & TURRELL: Eccentric Audio – Album (2011) + ‘Slow Down’ video

Nu-northern soul boys Smoove and Turrell (a.k.a. Berry Geordie and Smokey Turrell) are due to return shortly with second album Eccentric Audio which is all set to propel them into mainstream consciousness.

As before, Turrell rides as classic-voiced vocal shotgun to Smoove’s driving force behind the beats. And, it has to be said, Smoove (or rather ‘smooth’) is frequently the word this time

SMOOVE & TURRELL: ‘Eccentric Audio’ LP due April 2011 + listen to album preview

Full Eccentric Audio (p)review HERE
Here we are then – it seems that Berry Geordie and Smokey Turrell will be back in April with a brand-new, full-length follow-up to last year’s superb effort Antique Soul. It’s business as usual in the sense that the pair run the gamut of all things (northern) soulful and funky – although it has to be said that production-wise things are sounding somewhat more – uh – smooth and ambience-wise a bit more ladies’ night than last time around. The sly dogs. Check out the album preview below: