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PAUSE: Never Done It Better (2015)

Never Done It Better PauseIt seems there’s no stopping Pause at moment since he’s not only dropped his second LP No Small Order this month but also released this single. One for fans of funky boom-bap, the Cali emcee holds forth over thumping breaks and a groovy organ line for sixteen bars and then invites his equally capable homie Joe Con along for sixteen bars after the bridge. Lots of lyrical gubbins about women

PAUSE: No Small Order (2015)

No Small Order PauseIf an LP features guest vocal turns by both People Under the Stairs’ Double K and Breakestra’s Mixmaster Wolf and the same LP also features a bit of turntablism from the same two, it’s a fairly safe bet that the man behind the project has got something going on. If the PR tells you that the man behind the project grew up with the Bay Area hip hop scene but is now listening to old bluesmen,