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THE GOOD PEOPLE: Down Here/ Game In The Step 7″ (2017)

THE GOOD PEOPLE:  Down Here/ Game In The Step 7It’s the return of Saint and Greavsie – oops my bad – Saint and Emskee, a.k.a. The Good People, with a new wax nugget. On Down Here, Saint concocts a hefty funk-sampling beat so that Emskee can hold the floor on the topic of keeping it real way down ‘here’ in the hip-hop underground while Game In The Step is an altogether jazzier affair inna Tribe Called Quest stylee. Naturally

JAE SUPREME: Life Work/ TRAGEDY: Black Rage Demos Part 2 EP (2015)

DWG Jae Supreme TRagedy KhadafiRating: ★★★★★ Not one but two almighty golden era drops here courtesy of the tireless Diggers With Gratitude crew and celebrating the work of a legendary Queensbridge producer and a legendary Queensbridge emcee. The first drop Life Work provides a selection of six heavyweight cuts from producer Jae Supreme featuring the likes of Nas, CNN amd Cormega on the mic of which surely the heaviest is funky Nas vehicle Villain which turns on