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DUSTY DONUTS: Weapons of Choice Vol.2 feat. MARC HYPE, DJ ROBERT SMITH, NAUGHTY NMX & DJ GOCE (Vinyl 7″)

Not for the first time, Dusty Donuts confound the competition by announcing two sureshot 45s simultaneously, a double whammy in which Weapons Of Choice Vol. 2 functions as the opening salvo.  Yes, that will be a battle tool and what a battle tool at that – generated (as it is) by the combined talents of Marc Hype, DJs Goce and Robert Smith and Naughty NMX. Hot damn –

SAM KRATS feat. EL DA SENSEI: Revive Rap (Vinyl 7″)(Dusty Donuts Ltd 003)

SAM KRATS feat. EL DA SENSEI:  Revive Rap (Vinyl 7Revive Rap? Tall order you might think what with shit having been largely moribund since Nas announced hip-hop’s death eleven years ago. Well in the mainstream at least. As MB readers will know, the art as practised by Kool Herc and all true followers since is immortal and here are UK producer Sam Krats and Artifacts emcee El Da Sensei to prove it once more with the

DUSTY DONUTS 12: All Eyes On Lovin’ (NAUGHTY NMX Cali Mix)/ Keep Your Head Alright (RUNEX Zapped Up Mix) (2017)

DUSTY DONUTS 12: All Eyes On Lovin' (NAUGHTY NMX Cali Mix)/ Keep Your Head Alright (RUNEX Zapped Up Mix)Clearly alarmed by Jim Sharp’s canny attempt to become the ultimate dj fanny-magnet on Dusty Donuts 11 with super-smooth re-versions of late 70s/ early 80s boogie funk, label mates Naughty NMX and Runex launch a counter-attack with Dusty Donuts 12 and their own re-versions of two cuts from the same era. Which also happen to be devastatingly on-trend (given the imminent

DUSTY DONUTS 11: Risin’ To The Top (JIM SHARP edit)/ Mary Jane (JIM SHARP’s Buddha edit) (2017)

DUSTY DONUTS 11:  Risin' To The Top (JIM SHARP edit)/ Mary Jane (JIM SHARP's Buddha edit)Like cream, the Dusty Donuts label rises to the top again with a richly smooth re-drummed edit of Keni Burke’s slick slab of eighties silk – er –
Risin’ To The Top as Jim Sharp cynically targets anything female with a pulse. Then he goes in for the kill with another re-drummed re-version – the bass-heavy ‘Buddha edit’ of that classic seventies musical personification of marijuana as a sexy lady, Mary

DUSTY DONUTS 8: Breakin My Heart (JIM SHARP edit)/ Check Minnie’s Love (NAUGHTY NMX & RUNEX BREXIT mix) (2016)

Jim Sharp Naughty NMX Dusty Donuts 8Forget all that guff about donuts being unhealthy – you just know the arrival of fresh Dusty Donuts is good news for your ears – especially when what you’re getting is a double helping of A Tribe Called Quest booties. Breakin My Heart is one for the ladies where Jim Sharp finds a way (see what I did there?) to unite Tip and Phife with a Technova/ Bebel Gilberto cut that Dilla looped up for Find A