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THE BEEKEEPERS: Queen Bee – Single (2011) + Video

Queen Bee is the latest single from the recently released Beekeepers LP Apiculture and a bit of a banger. Musically coming off like a collision of The Freestylers and The Heavy, it finds rapper Mystro exploring the growing distance between him and the missus (“Oh I should have put a ring on it?/ Well, you’re lucky if I even put a fake bit of bling on it”) and one of the album’s highlights

DJ MUGGS: Bass For Your Face – New album update – 2011

Some men dump the wife and get a newer model, some men spunk their savings on what they fondly imagine is a four-wheel pussy magnet but DJ Muggs, the man behind the beat for such hip-hop classics as Cypress Hill’s Insane In The Brain and The House Of Pain’s Jump Around is making a dubstep LP. I shit you not.

DJ ANGELO: Ape To Gentleman Mix – 2010

Regular readers will have seen the monkey plugging DJ Angelo’s trio of hip-hop mash-ups over the last year. No need to wonder about what he’s been up to recently though, since you can stream his funked-up mix for male grooming blog apetogentleman.com (and download it – by clicking the down arrow icon) here: