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DUB PISTOLS V DUBMATIX: Blue MondayIf you find a gloomy Monday three weeks into a freezing-ass January a less-than-inspiring point in the Earth’s annual trek around the sun, you’re not alone. And since said Monday shares its name with a certain uber-famous New Order tune that has a less than sunny vibe about it, Dub Pistols have hooked up with Canadian producers Dubmatix and Gaudi to produce a brace of dub

J&B KINGS: Conga Conga

J&B KINGS:  Conga CongaBefore ‘the’ conga became a novelty line-dance via 1930s Hollywood – and long before Black Lace got their sweaty palms on it – congas were the dances performed to the carnival music of the same name in Havana from the early part of the nineteenth century onwards with, quel surprise, much older African roots. Enter J&B Kings (one half of whom is Jesse ‘Dubmatix’ King) wresting

J BOOG: Live Up (DUBMATIX remix)

J BOOG:  Live Up (DUBMATIX remix)Rating: ★★★★★ Dubmatix strikes again by finding the bass in J Boog’s original Live Up (admittedly not a tricky task with a reggae track) and then whacking the gain right up and boosting the drums for this mighty rub-a-dub remix. And that’s pretty much it. And there’ll be no complaints because the original was already a dope tune with a super soulful vibe so didn’t need much fixing. Frankly there couldn’t be a more fitting opening to Oneness Records’ admirable if doomed attempt to prevent the onset of winter through the power of reggae music on their mammoth twenty-track Oneness Remixed compilation.

MENACE*LIVE: My Persona (DUBMATIX remix) (2017)

MENACE * LIVE:  My Persona (DUBMATIX remix)Following his success with Megative’s excellent More Time, reggae remixer de jour, Toronto’s Dubmatix, gets his hands on slacker anthem My Persona by former Shootyz Groove roadie Menace*Live for another legit remix. Man knows how to pick a track! Out goes the heavy bashment beat of the Queens-based rapper’s original and in comes Dubmatix’s trademark heavy dub-reggae skank as he works

MEGATIVE: More Time (DUBMATIX remix and dubs)(2017)

MEGATIVE:  More Time (DUBMATIX remix and dubs)(2017)“Oh, I never gave a fuck about the youth I wasted/ I thought I had more time,” sang Megative’s Tim Fletcher (formerly of The Stills) on the band’s mournful reggae anthem More Time back in the summer. Check the video and you’ll see this multi-racial band channelling The Specials in their parkas, Fred Perrys and Sta-Prest slacks adopting a suitably haunting early 80s vibe. As