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Rating: ★★★★★ Dub Pistols must be at least as surprised as anyone else that they’ve just dropped their ninth studio LP, Frontline.  After all, they’re a quarter of a century into a career during which they might have imploded at various points – not least of the reasons for which being the once legendary pharmaceutical consumption of frontman Barry Ashworth. Still, here they at


Rating: ★★★★★ The third single since November from Dub Pistols in advance of their forthcoming Frontline album is this, Movin’ On, also the second of said singles to feature new school reggae vocalist Natty Campbell. However, while it maintains every bit of the quality of its predecessors Nice Up and Soundboy Killa, it flips the script stylistically and turns in a sweetly


Dub Pistols Soundboy KillerAfter the lively breakbeat-fuelled skank of previous single Nice Up, Dub Pistols make sure they keep dancefloors alight before the arrival of their forthcoming Frontline LP with the even more energetic Soundboy Killa.   And that’s about 25 bpm more energetic by the monkey’s reckoning, resulting in a very sweaty 135bpm.  Also it’s always nice when you can invite your mates along


DUB PISTOLS:  Nice UpWith new single Nice Up, Dub Pistols return to classic dancehall-inflected big beat (or perhaps that should be big beat-inflected dancehall) a.k.a the once and future sound of themselves, The Freestylers, The Nextmen and Lionrock. This one features legendary toaster and singer Horseman giving it large over a reliably bouncing breakbeat-powered skank. The ‘Pistols recently celebrated


BLEND MISHKIN feat. DUB PISTOLS & MC DANK MEME:  Mad OneSo the third single from Blend Mishkin & Roots Evolution’s forthcoming Unity Of Opposites album is Mad One featuring Dub Pistols and MC Dank Meme. Now while the words ‘mad one’ might conjure early 90s Manchester and pilled-up types in super baggy pastel-coloured clothing, rest assured that this is resolutely dubby reggae drenched in brass with Eastern Mediterranean


DUB PISTOLS V DUBMATIX: Blue MondayIf you find a gloomy Monday three weeks into a freezing-ass January a less-than-inspiring point in the Earth’s annual trek around the sun, you’re not alone. And since said Monday shares its name with a certain uber-famous New Order tune that has a less than sunny vibe about it, Dub Pistols have hooked up with Canadian producers Dubmatix and Gaudi to produce a brace of dub

DUB PISTOLS feat. TOO MANY Ts: Crazy Diamonds (2017) + video

DUB PISTOLS feat. TOO MANY Ts:  Crazy DiamondsWith more than two decades in the business behind them, Dub Pistols show no sign of running out of ammo and are shortly to release a new album with the (presumably) Pink Floyd-inspired title Crazy Diamonds. Before they do that though, there’s time to tease you all with the dubby Too Many Ts-featuring Brit-hop of the title track, a slew of remixes of said title track from Jimi

DUB PISTOLS: Pistoleros (Remixes) EP (2015)

Pistoleros Dub Pistols RemixesGenre-mashing gunslingers the Dub Pistols return next month with new single Pistoleros, the lead single off album Return Of The Pistoleros which is also out next month. Combining a Mexican horns fanfare with drum n bass rhythms, the original has very much the vibe of the General Mapache’s permanently pissed and crazy army in Sam Peckinpah’s The Wild Bunch and comes with a

EASTER SUNDAY BASS FESTIVAL: Feat. Nightmares On Wax + The Trojan Sound System – WIN FREE ENTRY FOR 2

You know that feeling when there’s a proper bass-y sound system going off and you’re all a bit – “Damn! I can feel that in my chest! Look at those parked cars moving down the road because of the vibration?” Yeah? Just wanted to check because that’s what’s on offer here and you can get your bad ass (and someone else’s bad ass) in for free at Camden’s Koko to see Nightmares On Wax, The Trojan Sound System, Dub Pistols and Smerins Anti-Social Club on 4th April if you can just lift your weed-hindered hands enough to google the answer to the question below. Obviously I don’t expect anyone to actually know the answer any more. What’s the point in having a memory when you can just get catatonic on the chronic and tap up google instead? Anyway – here’s that question:COMPETITION CLOSED – congratulations Haridas Stewart!
Q – Where did the ‘Trojan’ part of Trojan Records name come from?
MAIL your answer to monkeyboxing.editor@yahoo.com

(PRESS RELEASE) Come and join the party at Soundcrash at KOKO this Easter Sunday for a journey through the louder side of things, with some truly legendary bands bringing the noise and busting the bass-bins…
A VERY rare performance from the incredible NIGHTMARES ON WAX SOUND SYSTEM. Properly iconic legends the TROJAN SOUND SYSTEM will be in full attendance ready to get the room skanking with a vengeance; Chart-toppers the DUB PISTOLS will demonstrate why they are still super-cool with their furiously energetic live show; and with support from Leeds’s electronica-whizzes Paper Tiger, the fantastic SMERINS ANTI SOCIAL CLUB and Tru Thought’s super-sultry-songstress Lizzy Parks it’s a truly cataclysmic collection of live acts to while away your Easter evening and set yourself up nicely for that bank-holiday lie-in!
Come and join Soundcrash at KOKO this Easter Sunday for a journey through the louder side of things, with some truly legendary bands bringing the noise and busting the bass-bins…
The Nightmares of Wax Soundsystem come out of hiding for an ultra-rare fully-live London performance! Nightmares on Wax should need no introduction; having released one of the most iconic albums of the 90s in ‘Smokers Delight’ – one of the very first Lps on Warp records – N.O.W. then went on to release mixes in the highly respected ‘Dj Kicks’ and ‘Late Night Tales’ series, as well as being instrumental in bringing the legendary De La Soul back into the spotlight thanks to their Sounds of N.O.W. EP. That’s some career! Tonight they will regale those lucky enough to attend Koko on Easter Sunday with the full-on Nightmares on Wax experience. BIG.


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