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TOO MANY T’s: Running Wild EP (2014) + ‘Butter Rug’ free download

Running Wild Too Many T'sSince this post was originally written the Running Wild EP has dropped – cop off the player below.

Boom-bap, Brit-rap duo Too Many T’s are all set to release their ten track Running Wild EP for free the week after next and to promo it they’ve decided to release EP cut Butter Rug early, for nowt. ‘Butter rug’? Sounds a bit smutty doesn’t it and you can trust that the boys make sure it’s all filth by getting Uncle Bad Touch to provide a beat replete with big horns on which the regular T’s

TOO MANY T’s: The T.P. EP (2013)

Rating: ★★★★★ Let’s face it, too much UK hip-hop is all dour posturing and album covers on which grown men pull the facial expressions of a fifteen year old who’s just been bollocked for having his phone out in class. Time to welcome Too Many Ts‘ official studio debut release The TP then, as they firmly plant the flag of old school party hip-hop somewhere at the crossover between Aspects, the