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DR HOOKA’S Surgery presents: Battlejam – JFB Vs. WBBL Fri. 22 April, The Lanes, Bristol (2016)

JFB WBBL Battlejam Dr HookaHello – looks like party breaks’ very own sawbones, Dr Hooka, is bringing you another massive ghetto funky ‘surgery’ this spring. This time it’s what promises to be a visceral showdown between 3 times UK DMC champion JFB in one corner and, in the opposing one, ‘heavyweight bass champion’, WBBL. Neither the name or the appendage of the latter refer to the man’s weight

DR HOOKA: Dr Hooka’s Surgery, The Wheatsheaves, Frome (2015)

Surgery Dr HookaThe world of music contains a number of those who have awarded themselves the title of ‘Dr’ despite the lack of any apparent evidence of medical (or other advanced academic) credentials but, to the best of my knowledge, only one actually possesses his own surgery. And that man is Dr Hooka, the renowned dj/ producer and assistant manager of the Radical Mixtape Group