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CHANGE X DR DRE: A Lover’s Episode (Shaka Loves You edit)(2014) Free download

Change Dre Shaka Loves YouHold up it’s the muthafucking S-H-A-K-A! Yeah you know they mobbing with Dre – not to mention eighties Italo disco outfit Change…Hold up – what, what, what, what? That’s right they don’t play, they gonna rock it til the holiday, ey, hey, hey, hey. And they gonna rock it til the downloads max out. Celebrate. Smoke weed everyday, hope you ready

JSTAR: Marijuana Situation (2012) Free download

It’s carnival weekend and what better way to get in the mood than to throw on tower-block-levelling JStar mashup Marijuana Situation – previously only featured on mixtapes and as part of the J-man’s live show. You know it’s either going to be hip-hop beats and reggae vocals or reggae beats and hip-hop vocals but which is it? That’ll be the former then, in an inspired game of two halves

Ghetto Funk presents: B-SIDE (2011)

The latest in the Ghetto Funk label’s ‘Artist Series’ and this time it’s the turn of B-Side who’s new EP should ensure his going down in history as a terror since the ghetto funk era. Where his All The Girls EP earlier this year carried a fairly conventional payload, this has atomic capabilities – as dancefloors will find out after the minute-or-so-long build ups of both tracks on the A side