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DIRTY TREATS feat. PRAVERB THE WYSE: Original/ Everything Is Broken (2012)

More Tribe-alike gear on Blunted Astronaut from Brighton’s Dirty Treats production crew whose publicity doesn’t even try to hide the fact that they’re a massive pair of stoners. So massive in fact that Original and Everything Is Broken were recorded six years ago and they’ve only now got their shit together enough to release this brace of fat but minimal jazz breaks-powered hip-hop cuts

PARKER: Where’s My Monkey? – free download

Not just the cry of a porn actress who’s developed a beer belly, ‘where’s my monkey?’ is now also a dubstep remix of TC’s Where’s My Money? from Bristol-based DJ/Producer Parker.

DOWNLOAD Where’s My Monkey? off some of the links HERE OR off the soundcloud player below. Vid below that:

Parker – Where’s My Monkey? by Parker.

MAKO & THE HAWK: Spacing Rasco – Free Download

(PRESS RELEASE) Is it a mash-up or is it a remix? Are these really two distinct concepts anyway? Mako and The Hawk couldn’t give a monkey’s! Shamelessly stealing Rasco’s vocals from Parker’s ‘Bristol bass’ hit Western Soul, they craftily weld the Cali Agent MC onto a new beat made from an obscure funk 45 dug up by Mako. In doing so they spawn a hip-hop monster! Spacing Rasco begins with a fanfare as it rumbles into earshot, Rasco materialises atop a bar or two of an electro beat to incite the crowd and then he must leap (at some risk to his own personal safety) astride a mighty funk break which steps in the arena and lays waste to all before it. ‘Ave some of that!

…and cop these too…
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TORAE & MARCO POLO: Double Barrel – download ‘Hold Up’

Masta Ace and Sean Price get on a track with Marco Polo and Torae off the Double Barrel LP (released 2 June)! Download Hold Up feat. Sean Price & Masta Ace HERE. Vinyl heads can cop it like it should be heard via the links below. Obviously you’ll be paying for that, but you can’t put a price on style can you?

Buy Marco Polo & Torae – Double Barrel – Vinyl single at FatBeats

Pre-Order Marco Polo & Torae – Double Barrel LP at Duck Down’s Store: