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DOPEDEMAND feat. EWAN HOOZAMI: Indigo Skyfold (2016)

Indigo Skyfold Dopedemand Ewan HoozamiIt’s June in the UK, the sun is uncharacteristically out and you fancy chilling to some UK indie-rap – oh wait…no…some dreamy electronica. Wait no! Rap. No! Electronica. Can’t decide? Maybe it’s time to give Dopedemand and Ewan Hoozami‘s new EP a whirl – Dopedemand presumably representing the hip-hop guy (with a name like that) while Ewan Hoozami must surely be Mr

JON KENNEDY FEDERATION: Label launch (2012) + KRS Jon ‘3rd Stone From The Sun’ free download

Very much a live Kennedy, dj/ producer Jon Kennedy has just set up a record label with initials not dissimilar to those of his dead president namesake – thus it is that JKF is the Jon Kennedy Federation. Although the former Grand Central and Tru Thoughts artist is behind the project, distribution will be handled by the mighty megacorp Sony. There’s no conspiracy