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ALEEM: Hooked On Your Love (DON DAYGLOW edit)(2017) Free download

ALEEM:  Hooked On Your Love (DON DAYGLOW edit)(2017) Free downloadBack in the day, Aleem, a.k.a Leroy Burgess, was responsible for epic vocals on such Black Ivory bangers as You Keep Asking Me Questions. As the decade wore on however, funk was having an increasingly tough time against the mainstream, big money might of disco. Clearly a man to join ’em if he couldn’t beat ’em, Burgess promptly joined disco outfit Aleem and by ’79 was having

DON DAYGLOW: Silky Disco EP (2017)

DON DAYGLOW:  Silky Disco EPDespite previous threats to unleash nu-disco/ house hybrids on the world, dayglow disco don, Don Dayglow, has thus far shown a remarkable propensity for sprinkling edit sparkle dust upon lesser known gems from the golden era of daft suits and mirrorballs. In doing so he provides a subtle lift to four OG – er – four-to-the-floor grooves as in the case of his brand new Silky Disco

SISTER SLEDGE: Lost In Music (DON DAYGLOW edit)(2017) Free download

It’s rare these days for the passing of a soul legend not to be marked by some sort of commemorative edit and the last journey of Sister Sledge‘s Joni Sledge to the big disco in the sky is no exception. And who better to helm an edit than day-glo disco don, Don Dayglow? For this edit of US Billboard number one hit Lost In Music is indeed his work. Cop it in all its six-plus minutes

DON DAYGLOW: Power EP (2017) + video

The artist formerly known as Ewan Hoozami might be threatening to go all nu-disco and house on us now that he’s been seduced by the dark side but that doesn’t mean he hasn’t got time for a splendid four track EP of lightly edited straight-up disco biscuits entitled Power. Power? I feel empowered just listening to them – not to mention compelled to reach for my Qiana shirt and tailored

ALPHONSE MOUZON: I’m Glad That You’re Here (DON DAYGLOW edit) (2017) Free download

Im Glad That Youre Here Don Dayglow Ewan HoozamiJazz fusion drummer Alphonse Mouzon was perhaps not the most likely person to release late period disco hit I’m Glad That You’re Here in 1981 but he clearly wasn’t a man to be pigeonholed. Someone else who isn’t a man to be pigeonholed is Don Dayglow. Nope, not another hangover from the devil’s own musical decade but the dj/producer hitherto known as Ewan Hoozami who’s just