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DOGZ NADZ: Triple X Funk (Free download)

DOGZ NADZ: Triple X Funk (Free download)Do you like hip-hop mashups x-rated like you like your sex? Yeah? Then Dogz Nadz’ new one is going to be right up your alley as, by popular demand, he finally unleashes his Funkdoobiest/ Deadbeats splice Triple X Funk. Elegant in its simplicity, the track finds Mr Nadz grabbing Son Doobie and Co.’s shag-rap XXX Rated by the horn – oops my bad, I meant the horns – and replacing

DOGZ NADZ: Play It Loud (2016) Free download

Play It Loud Dogz NadzIf the Chemical Brothers recent Go featuring an uncredited Q-Tip was too modern sounding for you, you’ll definitely want to check out this fresh booty from Dogz Nadz who loops up a new beat from bits of Shannon’s seminal 1983 synthpop cut Let The Music Play – probably the first track to sync a TR-808 and a Roland TB-303 bassline together. Chuck a fat electro break on that (as

DOGZ NADZ: Keep Da Funk Alive (2016)

Keep Da Funk Alive Dogz NadzBig, hairy and full of juice, the Dogz Nadz‘ has been around for a number of years now and is still inexplicably unsigned – inexplicably given the number of labels around prepared to flaunt music copyright and inexplicably given how favourably his stuff compares to a lot of guff that is signed. Check early material Whole Lotta Hands In The Air and You Need My Adidas for confirmation – not to