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DOCTOR STEREO: Vamos Pa Quito (Breakers Version) (2016) Free download

vamos-pa-quito-doctor-stereoAutumn blues? Got the sniffles? Raining outside again? Buenos Aires-based producer Doctor Stereo prescribes a fat dose of latin-flavoured b-boy breaks on which boogaloo pianos vie with horn stabs, electric bass, clav and a rolling almost omnipresent 115 bpm breakbeat. Why? Because party time is any time and any time is party time of course! British readers may be particularly

DOCTOR STEREO: Resense 037 (2013)

The time was in the last twelve months when it was practically impossible to blink without another latin breaks release suddenly materialising in my inbox. Things have been relatively quiet on that front of late – I blame the weather – and with the odd exception there’s been what you might call a latin breaks deficiency. Never mind – Resense are on hand with this release from Argentinian