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DNA RECORDS: Cambodia (DUB ADDICTION)/ Phnom Penh Reggae (VIBRATONE) (Vinyl 7″)

DNA Records Cambodian Reggae SpecialFollowing the release of Puman’s Bulang Beauty single in March, DJ DSK’s DNA Records is back with another two slices of South-East Asian reggae on either side of the label’s latest vinyl 7″ ‘Cambodian Reggae Special’ featuring two international crews. Forged in the sweaty heat of Cambodian capital Phnom Penh in 2011, Dub Addiction boast Cambodian, French, German and

PUMAN: Bulang Beauty (Vinyl 7″)

Make the mistake of Googling ‘Puman’ and first up is urbandictionary.com’s full list of increasingly bizarre definitions. What doesn’t appear on the list however is ‘Outfit fusing music of Jamaican origin with the sounds of Yunnan province in China.’ Mind you, who’d think of that? Well, Puman as it turns out, who took a traditional ethnic song sung by a Yunnan elder and his choir of students and layered

DJ DSK: DNA Edits Vol. 4 – Bad Girls/ Need You Tonight (Vinyl 7″)

DJ DSK: DNA Edits Vol. 4 (Vinyl 7Told you we weren’t done with DJ DSK news this month and here’s the next item – which turns out to be nothing less that Vol. 4 of our man’s DNA Edits vinyl 7″ series. But what has he taken a scalpel to this time? Well, since you’re asking, side A has a crack at disco queen Donna Summer’s Bad Girls. This one’s more about tweaking the beat and arranging than lengthy extensions –

DNA RECORDS: Falcon Claw (ROBERT TORRES) b/w International (KUNMING BROS. feat. DIDJELIRIUM) (Vinyl 7″)

Falcon Claw vs Kunming BrosRating: ★★★★★ Marvel at the musical kung fu of DNA Records as the label unearths lost soundtrack b-boy heat in the shape of Falcon Claw by Robert Torres. No, that doesn’t sound familiar does it? Probably because it was recorded for a martial arts movie in the 70s but never used and then pretty much forgotten about outside the immediate family circle of its creator. Enter DNA