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TREMENDO: Dirty Funk Vol. 1 (2012)

Rating: ★★★★★
That the raison d’etre of Vol. 1 of this new series on Telephunken‘s Tremendo label seems to be to put the funk back into ghetto funk will come as no end of relief to those who were wondering if that ‘f’ word was (with honourable exceptions) becoming as redundant as the ‘funky’ in ‘funky’ house always has been. Dirty Funk opens with Trotter & Telephunken getting all stank with the

TREMENDO Vol. 3: Various (2012)

Er, yeah – so this should’ve been posted last week. If you didn’t know, the man behind the Tremendo label is Spanish ghetto funker Telephunken. That’s Señor Telephunken to you. Or Senor Tremendo. Sounds like a magician – which is apt since his first trick, I mean track, (well – it is his label) is to sample Rage Against The Machine’s Killing In The Name – just in

JAZZ K.LIPA: Underwear (2012)

Have you had the chance to check out Jazz K.Lipa’s Underwear? I’m not on about his collection of man-thongs of course, rather his latest drop Underwear. This time around he’s got his electro-ish-funky breaks on and employed fellow countrymen Smith & Smart to provide lyrics where each wishes that they, “had a pump gun in my underwear,” whereas, sadly, they’ve

GHETTO FUNK presents ALLSTAR 45s: Funk Ferret, Goodgroove & DJ Soo (2012)

It’s fragile, it’s technologically anachronistic and you don’t want to be leaving it in the sun…but you can’t beat the sound. Vinyl’s the shit isn’t it? So here’s to Ghetto Funk– a label which pioneers the bleeding edge of the funk continuum but hasn’t forgotten the feel and sound of wax. This is the second in their Allstar 45s series and sees two of hip hop’s earliest classics get a thorough ghetto funk

LOVE MUSIC, HATE RACISM & CULT MUSIC present: Funk Against Fascism (2011)

There are many reasons to reject fascism in its many forms – the one-dimensional, ‘might is right’ attitude, the staggering lack of logic in its ideological arguments and crucially – the shit music. Wagner and Skrewdriver? Christ! Enter breakbeat deejay Totalcult who (in collaboration with Love Music, Hate Racism has been marshalling the rebel forces