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DJ SHADOW feat. DE LA SOUL: Rocket Fuel

DJ SHADOW feat. DE LA SOUL: Rocket FuelRating: ★★★★★ It’s been a while since DJ Shadow got any coverage on MB but if he’s going to make tracks like Rocket Fuel with De La Soul then it might happen a little more often. The single finds the West and East coast legends unite to launch a windmilling, hook ‘n’ scratch-filled slice of b-boy hip-hop powered by Johnny Jenkins’ Gilded Splinters break. Not the newfangled

INNEREYEFULL: Blunted Soul EP – Free download

Innereyefull isn’t on Mo Wax but he would have been if he’d made this in 1994. The Blunted Soul EP finds him dropping grooves like Krush (as in DJ) rather than krush-groovin’ like say, Kurtis Blow. For the uninitiated that means breaks for rolling rather than breaks for breaking – if you catch my drift. Reminds me of lounging in the sun back in the day when there were proper summers – y’know – a time when DJ Shadow was an unknown and Massive Attack made good music.
FREE DOWNLOAD – Innereyefull – Blunted Soul EP – HERE

(PRESS RELEASE) The early nineties wasn’t just a golden era for hip-hop y’all! It was also a time that saw the birth of a new sister-genre which languidly rose through a thick, smoky haze all around the globe, from California to Bristol and from Paris to Tokyo. Often instrumental, the aim was simple – to provide the perfect music to…well, let’s just say to relax to. Incredibly popular and created by luminaries as varied as Massive Attack, DJ Shadow, DJ Krush and La Funk Mob, it didn’t so much eventually disappear as drift off to sleep for a bit. Well, quite a long time actually. Over fifteen years later, Massive Attack have a new LP out, DJ Krush is engaged in an international tour and rising talent Innereyefull has just dropped a new EP. Stoned breakbeats and warm basslines envelope the listener while subtle instrumental loops and samples complete the tripped-out ambience from the minimalist Krush-like title track, to the sinuous Be Cool and the hypnotic bass pulse of the aptly named Kickin Back. And the name of this sister-genre? No doubt the phrase ‘trip-hop’ will be bandied about once more though you could search for a long time to come up with a better name for it than Blunted Soul

Innereyefull – Myspace

THE MIGHTY UNDERDOGS – Droppin’ Science Fiction – 2008 – Album review

Rating: ★★★☆☆

The Mighty Underdogs project finds MCs Gift of Gab (Blackalicious) and Lateef The Truthspeaker (Latyrx) teaming up with producer Headnodic of Crown City Rockers. Not dissimilar to previous Quannum-related stuff and more interesting than (for example) the last Blackalicious LP or Gift Of Gab’s solo LP by dint of the fact that some of the tracks on here are actually memorable, this nevertheless alternates between ‘back-packer hip-hop’ by numbers and soul-hop blandness by numbers a lot of the time. Bear with me till I get to the good stuff though as this isn’t exclusively the case.
So what’s the problem? Well, perhaps it’s familiarity that breeds contempt, but then again maybe it’s just something as minor (no pun intended) as the kids’ voices that kick this LP off. Kids’ voices on a record are never big or clever so why the fuck do I need some kids book-ending a song? Don’t get me wrong – kids are great – but I don’t want to them in my face while I’m trying to enjoy a beer either. Anyway despite the fact that Monster has some of the best cuts and one of the best b-lines on the LP, it’s hard to shake the idea that this first track was an also-ran hip-hop contender for the theme tune to some animated Pixar film. It might be called Hands In The Air but the second track is a crappy lightweight slice of RnB tinged, kettle-drum-fringed cack which would be better titled ‘hands on the skip button’ notwithstanding lyrical queries about does “anyone remember when music still was relevant”. So Sad continues in an RnB-ish vein but fares a lot better, not because it features both Julian and Damien Marley but because DJ/Producer Headnodic has a keen ear for a good break. The lumbering Gunfight will be familiar to many as the video was making internet rounds a while back though, and despite featuring MF Doom, it really does sound like Peter Gabriel’s Sledgehammer. Nevertheless its ‘high noon’ scenario is also the first time the LP has any memorable lyrical impact “I stepped out the saloon at a quarter to noon/ Might as well have been a quarter to doom”. Lyrics Born pops by to do his comedy ‘speed-muttering thing on Ill Vacation but that shit is old now and while it was clever the first time it has become rapidly wearing ever since. Science Fiction is an attempt at cyber hip-hop but Deltron 3030 put that to bed a long time ago and this is a pale shadow (no pun intended no. 2) of the DJ Shadow/ Divine Styler collab. on Quannum’s classic Spectrum LP. Hiero stalwart Casual has been spreading his love widely of late but he’s wasted over the backdrop of Laughing At You, the break of which seems to be compiled from chopped up beatboxing and yelping. Quite unusual but also quite shit. Akrobat and Mr Lif drop by for Escape but make little impact, Folks is an unremarkable slice of hip-hop soul which leaves it to DJ Shadow to be the first guest to light a fire under this LP’s ass with his cuts on the UFC remix…but then it’s back to soul-lite dullness with Want You Back. Surprisingly for an LP it’s the rear-end (normally the album equivalent of the graveyard shift) that provides the quality on Dropping Science Fiction. Aye’s minimal bongo-fuelled beat brings some well-needed head-nod(ic) hip-hop pressure and Lateef and Gift of Gab finally sound like they’ve woken up which is just as well because they’re in time for posse-cut Warwalk which is next up. This is the point where The Mighty Underdogs finally seem to arrive at where they’ve threatened to be heading all LP – i.e. a genuine piece of quality hip-hop. Headnodic lines up a fairly sizeable dancehall reggae bassline and break and some fuzzed up guitars – it’s one of the few occasions where the guests Raashan Ahmad, Tash, Zion and especially Chali 2na sound like they’re more than decoration. Closer Victorious is an upbeat oddity to end the LP on but it’s string-fired loops work and Lateef and Gab still sound awake. In summary – this is a patchy – claims otherwise are fiction – but when it’s good they do drop science.
Out now on Definitive Jux.
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