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Bring back the funk EP? Oh what – chicken-scratch guitar and fatback drums? Gospel vox and butter slick basslines? Well – not exactly. Let’s just say this is a party breaks release that leaves the glitch and the grind and the wobble at home and settles for good old-fashioned big-ass party breaks. Well, I say ‘settles for’…that kind of makes it sound like some sort of timid acceptance whereas the four

DJ RUDD: We Can Get It On (BBP 061)(2012)

“We Can Get It On” proclaims the title of this new EP from DJ Rudd which, appropriately enough, eschews mere flirting with the name ‘funk’ to deliver an above averagely funky, well-constructed ghetto funk four-tracker. And manages to show gentlemanly restraint with the bass wobble. Taking in ghetto disco (opener Shake It Out), ghetto soul (title track), ghetto Edie Brickell & The Wiseguys (no, really) we

BIGM PRESENTS: Vol. 22 Various Bangin’ Artists (BigMP22) (2012)

I don’t know the collective noun for a group of breakbeat producers like the one the BigM label has assembled here and neither apparently do BigM who’ve settled for the description ‘bangin’ artists.’ For the twenty second time. Yes – Volume 22 – and bang they do. Tom Drummond & Slynk get jiggy with Will Smith yielding percussive elevation as Big Willy shakes the room, Tosses & Varvez slam Onyx harder than Onyx previously slammed

TREMENDO Vol. 2: Various (2012)

Telephunken’s Tremendo express rolls into the station for the second time in a manner much like its predecessor. A whopping eight party breaks? Check. One of his own plus some other established big hitters (Badboe, The Breakbeat Junkie and Rory Hoy) and a few young guns – Morlack, DJ Rudd, Bobby C Sound TV and Wood N Soo? Check. Cover the whole gamut of party breaks sub-genres? Check. Best cuts this time are