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DJ REBEL: Pucho Hands Up (The Rebel mix) (2014) Free download

Pucho Hands Up - DJ RebelRating: ★★★★★ DJ Rebel hereby furnishes the world with an inspired melding of Pucho & His Latin Soul Brothers to the acapella from Whooliganz 1993 debut Put Your Hands Up. And ‘putting one’s hands up’ is an apposite sentiment, I think you’ll agree, given the feelgood party nature of this badboy. Or perhaps more accurately that should be ‘nino malo’ given the way it comes on like a lost latin hip-hop


Another Wack release. That’s ‘Wack’ not ‘wack’, obviously, as the label proffer two sun-drenched offerings to nice-up your freezing-ass Christmas holiday with some irie feeling. Both cuts travel a relatively clean-sounding upbeat skankin route – no Studio One antics here – which might appeal to the heads but will certainly have Balearic-leaning dancefloors gagging to don their skimpy Speedos, switch on the foam machine and do a live sex show. Or whatever goes on in those Majorcan clubs.
Dedy Dread & DJ Rebel -Turn You On (Smoove Retouch)
The weather is always warm when it comes to the laidback Portuguese and Italian duo Dedy Dread & DJ Rebel. Positive reggae sunshine and warm soul mashed into sweet club tactics. Mediterranean vibes from a Killer Ken Booth cut sweetened up with some acapella goodness that is sure to leave the dance floor begging for more. Turning you, me, and every one….ON!
DJ Andy Taylor – Jah Mambo
Andy comes from Lochwinnoch, which is the illest wetland reserve (RSPB) this side of Glasgow. He regularly makes the trek across the swamp (el pantano) to Glasgow where he shocks and impresses the crowds by not playing electro. Instead he rinses his usual collection of funk, soul, Latin, breaks and beats.
Jah Mambo is a fresh mashup of all of the above on a spiritual Rastafarian tip. All cut up with live performances courtesy of the man himself. Direct from the swamp it’s guaranteed move the floor.

Listen to DEDY DREAD & DJ REBEL/ DJ ANDY TAYLOR: Turn You On/ Jah Mambo

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