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DJ’S CHOICE: El Ray De Boogaloo (THE REBEL) b/w Que Se Sepa (PABLO RUIZ)(Vinyl 7″)

Rating: ★★★★★ Lego Funk has constructed yet another splendid edits 45 here with a brace of reworked Latin funk cuts for the new DJ’s Choice vinyl 7″. On the A-side for example, you’ve got Pablo Ruiz’s reflip of Roberto Roena’s 1974 salsa-influenced number Que Se Sepa as sampled by Ugly Duckling on Let It Go. Now vastly extended with additional drums and percussion, it’ll have

DJ REBEL: JB’s Need Some Money (2016) Free download

Doing It To Death DJ RebelMr Brown?
Mr Brown!
Say Mr Brown!
Give it to me!
How about a disco version of the JB’s 1973 hit You Can Have Watergate… from DJ Rebel!?


Resense 040 Dedy Dread Panama CardoonIt’ll be all-star party breaks action from a certain mighty edits label very shortly when they drop double slice of latin breaks – Resense 040. On A-side Mambo Perez, Dedy Dread and occasional cohort DJ Rebel indulge in Cuban fury of the kind to prompt much dancefloor parading (or even Prado-ing) while on the flip Panama Cardoon hooks up

JAMES BROWN: Soul Power (DJ REBEL mix)(2015)

DJ Rebel Soul PowerWas this inspired by the epic opening to HBO’s Mr Dynamite documentary featuring the mighty Godfather Of Soul in 1971 doing a blistering live version of Soul Power flanked by Bobby Byrd and backed by two very hot chicks in afros dancing on a podium apiece behind him? It turns out it wasn’t as DJ Rebel hasn’t seen it – but don’t think that means this doesn’t light a fire under the studio


(NEW) 1. DJ Rebel – Uptown A Little Bit More
Player removed from Soundcloud for some reason, folks 😉 – but check DJ Rebel’s Soundcloud for what’s currently up anyway.

‘Uptown Funk’ my arse part 1. What you need is some uptown stomp

DJ REBEL: Uptown A Little Bit More (2015) Free download

Uptown A Little Bit More DJ RebelRating: ★★★★★ It wasn’t so many years ago that Mark Ronseal was well into his retro soul. Of late though he’s been far more interested in 80s funk. But what if 80s funk don’t give it to ya? Or what if you like Bruno Mars’ singing but prefer a more sixties rnb-ish/ northern soul beat – like, say, the sort of thing The Olympics used to do? These and other questions are the sort of thing that DJ

DJ REBEL: Doctor’s Happy Too (2014) Free download

Doctor's Happy Too DJ RebelRating: ★★★★★ It might seem crazy what I’m about to say but despite Pharrell’s Happy having been rinsed, covered and mashed to within an inch of its life here is yet another bootleg which is not only dope but manages to make Williams’ track sound fresher than a breath of fresh air which has just cleaned its teeth and had a shower. We shouldn’t be too surprised though as it’s MB favourite, DJ

DEDY DREAD & DJ REBEL: Trip To Brasil (2014) Free download

Trip To Brazil Dedy Dred DJ RebelDedy Dred and DJ Rebel take a trip to remix land here with a subtle and respectful Trip To Brasil reboot of Luiz Henrique’s mellow 60s ‘bossa moderna’ A Trip To Brasil that tweaks the beat enough to elicit a shimmy from the modern latin breaks fan. Just the beat though. Obviously if they were to update the lyrical content as well, traditional Brazilian delights such as beach strolls

REBEL BROTHERS: Work It Out (2014) Free download

Work It Out Rebel Bros.Rating: ★★★★★ As Goldmember once said, “I love gooooold” and this is dancefloor gold. Essentially the Rebel Brothers knock out their own live piano-led instrumental northern soul shuffle beat and then make Beyonce go on top. Well, of course. And the result is shimmy-tastic – arguably more so than the Barkays/ Betty Davis pastiche of the original Work It Out. Hang on a minute – Rebel

DJ REBEL: Hip Brag Hop Boast (2014) Free download

Feel The Rhythm Clancy EcclesRating: ★★★★★ No need for DJ Rebel to brag or boast here (although he’d be quite justified in doing so) as this track speaks for itself. Hip Brag Hop Boast finds the rebellious one following up his dope Whooliganz/ Pucho & His Latin Soul Bros booty with another effortlessly dope mash-up monster. This one blends a certain Dead Prez acapella with Clancy Eccles’ massive rocksteady classic Don’t Brag Don’t