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OONOPS: Oonops Drops vinyl 7″ label launch

Oonops DropsNow then, you run a bi-monthly podcast on Brooklyn Radio in NYC called ‘Oonops Drops’ and you’re going to launch a label to ‘drop’ wax 45 heat, but what to call the label? Tough one eh? I’d go with ‘Oonops Drops‘ – and purely coincidentally you understand – this is precisely what our man DJ Oonops did. The label has just launched, following the success of Oonops’

RESENSE 047: Hip-Hop Control (LORD FUNK AND MOAR) / Do The Don’t Stop (GELATINE THUGS)(Vinyl 7″)

RESENSE 047: Hip-Hop Control (LORD FUNK AND MOAR) / Do The Don't Stop (GELATINE THUGS)(Vinyl 7?)Rating: ★★★★★ The first of two massive 45 booties today from one of the most discerning booty labels in the game is Resense 047 – a special DJ Oonops edition, no less – which finds the Brooklyn DJ pick out two dope cuts of uptempo funky hip-hop. On one side, Gelatine Thugs Do The Don’t Stop by cutting up brisk funk samples and Big Daddy Kane for the b-boys and girls. On the other

DJ OONOPS: Oonops Drops Vol. 2

DJ OONOPS: Oonops Drops Vol. 2 Stand by for Oonops Drops Vol. 2, the second volume in a multi-genre compilation series from Brooklyn Radio’s DJ Oonops which comes out on Agogo Records at the end of the month. It seems our man spent more than a year putting the funk, soul, dub, jazz, beats and hip-hop encompassing double vinyl project together and you know with that level of time investment, there’s going to be a