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SKEEWIFF: Electro Swing & Gospel Breaks (2013)

Electro Swing & Gospel Breaks Remixed sees five of the tracks off Skeewiff‘s set of fourteen originals get thrown to a slavering pack of remixers consisting of Bart & Baker, DJ Love, Vassili Gemini, Cab Canaveral and the Funk Ferret. Funk Ferret emerges from the ensuing melee triumphant since he a) managed to sink his sharp little teeth into the best original cut – Brother Noah

MO-MATIC presents: B-Boy Bass EP (2012)

Fuzzbox Inc’s Mo-Matic flies solo here with his B-Boy Bass EP and it has to be said, the emphasis is more on the bass than the b-boy. Frankly, the bottom end on this would have the Rock Steady Crew checking out their buildings insurance were it heard in the Bronx back in the day. It speeds up, it slows down, and it’s got enough sirens and keyboards to have Kurtis Mantronix ask what that

CHART – APR. 2011

1. (NEW) DJ Love (feat. Geechi Suede) – Zigga Zigga

Dancefloor hip-hop banger that’s neither jiggy nor retro

DJ LOVE feat Geechi Suede: Zigga Zigga – 2011

Rating: ★★★★★
Hot damn! This is the best thing I’ve heard rapper Geechi Suede on since Camp Lo dropped Black Hollywood way back in 2007! Dallas-based DJ Love shows he’s no musical cowboy with a beat that could cause a stampede on any dancefloor. It’s not that it’s particularly fast nor especially lairy, more that it’s harder to resist than a sexy Mexican maid with nothing innocent on her mind.