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BLACK MASALA: I Love You Madly Remixed Vol. 1 (2016)

i-love-you-madly-black-masala-remixed-vol-1Forget the tikka and garam and get your ears round a tasty bit of Black Masala – remixed no less – as the DC outfit’s brand of Balkan brass gets a vigorous bit of polishing from the likes of Lazarus Sound System, DJ Inko, Los Chicos Altos and Omegaman. Mix my metaphors? Don’t mind if I do! And that’s not all that’s mixed for the release is curiously listed as ‘funky/ club house’ on

KOOL & THE GANG: Fresh (DJ INKO remix) (2016) Free download

Fresh DJ Inko Kool  The GangKnown for massive 1973 funk bump Jungle Boogie and other funk classics such as Chocolate Buttermilk, Hollywood Swinging and Funky Stuff, Kool & The Gang spent the greater part of the subsequent decade pumping out smooth and cheesy pop-funk. Among such 80s chart-botherers was Fresh – now rendered into a pneumatic slab of neo-disco courtesy of DJ Inko. It’s fresh, it’s

DJ INKO: Mama Diaspora ‘Back In My Hometown’ (DJ Inko remix)/ Inner Circle ‘Sweat’ (DJ Inko remix) (2015) Free download

Back In My Hometown Sweat Dj InkoDJ Inko‘s been on a remix tip again, not that you’d know from his Soundcloud. But then Soundcloud has been a bit of a minefield where unofficial remixes and edits are concerned lately, even if they are free downloads and there is zero profit for megacorps to be missing out on. Still that’s what happens when you let the megacorps take over. They kill the goose that laid the golden

BALKAN RIDDIMS: Sensimilla (DJ INKO remix) (2015) Free download

Sensimilla Balkan Riddims DJ InkoBetween releases, DJ Inko likes to get busy with the edits, remixes and bootlegs. Also, as anyone who knows his work will be aware, he likes to spread his production love as widely as possible which is why lots of his work is available gratis. In this instance it’s Inko’s cheeky version of Balkan Riddims’ Sensimilla which is available for your delectation as he lights a fire under the arse of

DJ INKO: Carnibal Records 012 (2015)

Carnibal 012 DJ InkoRating: ★★★★★ Carnibal ensure that 2015 gets another shot of latin breaks before the dt’s set in and this time hand the syringe over to DJ Inko. You may have previously come across some of Inko’s forays into the world of hip-hop booty edits but it turns out that he is yet another example of a Greek who seems to have an unnatural facility with the music of South and Central America. Well

VARIOUS: Carnibal Records 010 (2014)

Carnibal Records 010In the second of today’s ‘Where the fuck have you been?’ moments here’s only the second release this year from Palov and Panama Cardoon’s always trusty Carnibal Records – a label that can be relied upon to deliver something for the dancefloor. Specifically party breaks with a swinging-latin-Carribbean-breakbeat-dancehall vibe. And release 010 is no exception. DJ Inko‘s got a latin-skank