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DUSTY DONUTS 20: Feeling Good (JIM SHARP & GOCE edit)/ Old Digger (JIM SHARP edit)(Vinyl 7″)

DUSTY DONUTS 20It’s a bit of special one for the second part of Dusty Donuts’ double 45 release announcement today for the piece of wax in question is the label’s twentieth drop! That’s right Dusty Donuts 20 – and who better to helm that than Jim Sharp – the man responsible for the first ever Dusty Donuts release? No-one, that’s who! Er – though, come to think of it, maybe they could get DJ Goce to help

DUSTY DONUTS: Weapons of Choice Vol.2 feat. MARC HYPE, DJ ROBERT SMITH, NAUGHTY NMX & DJ GOCE (Vinyl 7″)

Not for the first time, Dusty Donuts confound the competition by announcing two sureshot 45s simultaneously, a double whammy in which Weapons Of Choice Vol. 2 functions as the opening salvo.  Yes, that will be a battle tool and what a battle tool at that – generated (as it is) by the combined talents of Marc Hype, DJs Goce and Robert Smith and Naughty NMX. Hot damn –