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BEATNIK CITY PRESENTS: The Rio District Vol. 1 (Power bossa, Samba & Brazil) (2014)

The Rio District Beatnik City Presents Vol. 1‚Ķwith which new label Beatnik City embarks upon a mission to explore the world of sixties music via the medium of remixes and re-edits. Sounds promising. Volume 1, The Rio District, has a special focus on the sound of the world’s sexiest city from arguably the world’s most influential decade thus far in popular music. As a consequence, the label have called upon an expert

SMOKEY BANDITS: Debut Remixed Vol. 2 (2013)

It seems like only two shakes of a mustang’s tail since everyone’s favourite Balkan/ Mex-American breakbeat outlaws Smokey Bandits struck a deal with one wild bunch of remixers and now here they are again with another lot. Well actually with one survivor from the previous lot – Renegades Of Jazz. But then he’s the fastest jazz-slinger in the west so no one messes with him. Probably why he’s