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COCKNEY NUTJOB: Fine Young Cockney (2012) Free download

This week’s ‘Captain Scott of breaks award’ goes to Cockney Nutjob who proudly spliced She Drives Me Crazy by eighties soul-pop trio Fine Young Cannibals with the Jigga’s 99 Problems only to have me cheerfully crush his sense of achievement by pointing out to him that DJ ‘Amundsen’ Angelo had got there a year before him. You can imagine the frustration. Still, at least he hasn’t died in the

DJ ANGELO: Turntablist On Tour mixtape – 2011 – Free download

DJ Angelo styles along with another classic mixtape. He cuts the music with so much class this is basically a bust in the ass for – well – pretty much anyone else. Turntablist On Tour finds Angelo skipping across genres like a cat on hot bricks – if genres were bricks and he was a cat – which they aren’t and he isn’t but you get the picture.

DJ ANGELO: Ape To Gentleman Mix – 2010

Regular readers will have seen the monkey plugging DJ Angelo’s trio of hip-hop mash-ups over the last year. No need to wonder about what he’s been up to recently though, since you can stream his funked-up mix for male grooming blog apetogentleman.com (and download it – by clicking the down arrow icon) here:

DJ ANGELO: Kanye West vs. Jocelyn Brown – Gold Digger (Some Guy remix) – Free download and Video

Angelo weighs in with the third instalment of what he describes as his mash-up ‘hattrick’. “It’s probably one more for the ladies,” he claims in an attempt to mitigate his shameless cutting of Kanye’s only decent track with Jocelyn Brown’s smooth nineties rnb number Somebody Else’s Guy, before adding, “it never fails on the dancefloor, trust me.” Normally, of course, trust is the last thing I would place in someone who utters ‘trust me,’ as if they were some sort of lawyer in a Yank yuppie-era film angling for a huge bribe. However, this, as with the previous two instalments, has faultless production, an equally faultless video mash to accompany it and, I suspect, a flawless record with ladies on the dancefloor. Hip-pop don’t stop! Get it and/ or watch it below:
DOWNLOAD – DJ ANGELO: Gold Digger (Some Guy remix) HERE
DJ Angelo – Myspace

DJ ANGELO: Jay Z vs. Fine Young Cannibals – 99 Problems (‘Crazy Cannibal’ mix) – Free download + Video

DJ Angelo follows up his Monie Love/ Dizzee Rascal mash with this cheeky splicing of the biggest wallet in hip-hop and the finest widow’s peak in the whole of 80s pop. The result is that on 99 Problems (Crazy Cannibal remix) – DOWNLOAD HERE Jay Z becomes funkier and Roland Gift and friends acquire something of an edge – though it’s probably safe to say that they don’t know about this. Sssshh! What’s more, not only can you download this audio cocktail gratis but there’s a video as well for your viewing pleasure. Some people just can’t help giving…

DJ Angelo – Myspace

DJ ANGELO: Dizzee Rascal vs. Monie Love – Fix Up, Look Sharp (Shameless remix) – Free download + video

It’s a fact, plain and simple, that the remix/ mash-up/ bootleg crowd usually have a far better idea of what a dancefloor beat should be than many of those whose beats actually chart. DJ Angelo is no exception. Was he inspired by Nice Up’s year or two old rerub of Old School, the use of The Adventures of Stevie V’s Dirty Cash on Dirtee Cash or just moved to pity by the sorry ass shit that was Bonkers? I don’t fucking know. I DO know that you can download this topically retro mash-up right HERE though. Bonus video below. Enjoy:

DJ Angelo – Myspace