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DIZZY DUSTIN & PANDAMONIUM (feat. forty MCs): The Drop Cypher (Free download))

DIZZY DUSTIN & PANDAMONIUM (feat. 40 MCs): Drop Cypher It is true historically, that at times, MB post titles have verged on the lengthy – it’s one of the perils of adhering to a format – but the monkey draws the line at mentioning all forty emcees featured on the Drop Cypher besides Ugly Duckling rapper Dizzy Dustin.  For where Dizzy’s esrtwhile colleague Andy Cooper has made a name for himself dropping as many syllables as he can in


Amid the regular flurry of Allergies releases featuring Andy Cooper as well as AC’s multifarious solo drops, you might wonder occasionally what’s happened to the other half of Ugly Duckling’s mic manipulation team, Dizzy Dustin. While not as omnipresent as his erstwhile comrade-in-bars, our Mr McFarland has been known to surface every so often with a new project and the arrival of single

GRUMPY OLDE MEN: You’re A Mean One – How The Grumps Stole Christmas (2016)

youre-a-mean-one-grumpy-olde-menEvery Who down in Whoville liked Christmas a lot but those Grumpy Olde Men – well – they did not. When December arrived, they dropped Grinch-like boom-bap and You’re A Mean One was the name of their track. How The Grumps Stole Christmas was the name of it too and steal it they did before anyone knew. But when people listened they realised the truth – those old men weren’t

SECOND HAND AUDIO: Extended Play (2016)

Extended Play Second Hand AudioRating: ★★★★★ DJP and The Breakbeat Junkie don their Second Hand Audio personae once more to extend their original hip-hop repertoire with new EP Extended Play. Well, I say ‘new’ – it does contain previous banger collabs Got It Like That (feat. Dizzy Dustin) and Set It Off (feat. J5’s Akil The MC) – but that’s less than half the story. Brand new for ’92 – oops my bad – 2016, are

DJ ROAST BEATZ: Luxury Boom Bap (2015)

Luxury Boom Bap DJ Roast BeatzRoast Beatz finally makes good on the promise implicit in all those drops over the last few years to deliver a full-length album which comes out shortly on Badboe’s Breakbeat Paradise label. The pair of them should probably get someone they both know to write the PR blah for that…

(PRESS RELEASE) With his sophomore album, DJ

GHETTO FUNK: HYPE VOCALS sample pack feat. DIZZY DUSTIN & SAVANT a.k.a. Stanstro + scratches by JFB (2014)

Hype Vocals Ghetto FunkTired of all that trawling through old hip-hop cuts to find just the right hook or shout-out? Not to mention all that farting around chopping, filtering, tweaking the tempo till it’s just right so you lose track of time and then…oh for fuck’s sake your battery runs out before you saved it! What an arse ache! We’ve all been there – but hey – here’s the Ghetto Funk crew to make your life easy with the

DANNY SPICE feat. DIZZY DUSTIN: Incredible (2014)

Incredible Danny Spice Dizzy DustinRating: ★★★★★ Danny Spice returns from a two year lunch-break following his Craig G-featuring King Amongst Thieves EP during which he appears to have kept himself occupied plundering the funk canon for more fat samples and arranged a hook-up with Ugly Duckling’s Dizzy Dustin. The result is Incredible – an exemplary slab of fat boom-bap on which the UD rapper delivers cartoon brag raps

DIZZY DUSTIN: Now You Know (Bunty Beats remix) video (2013)

Right gang – let’s get creative and brainstorm how we can gently ease the public away from the idea of old-school, cartoon-rap cat Dizzy Dustin of Ugly Duckling towards the hard-boiled Dizzy of forthcoming solo long player Psycho Babble and in particular album track Now You Know…I know! How about a video in which a guy returns home unexpectedly and finds his missus fucking someone

BLOWN CELEB: ‘Marathon Man’ video (2013)

If your band is called Blown Celeb and your track Marathon Man is not about how long you last in bed, some people might view that as a missed opportunity. But nothing is quite what it seems here. For a start the producer behind the hypnotic porn-rap beat is Ugly Duckling’s Young Einstein of all people – though when one rapper, Jon E Rockwell (a.k.a Roc Holliday), is unmasked as Dizzy

SECOND HAND AUDIO feat. DIZZY DUSTIN: Got It Like That (GFD03) (2013)

Rating: ★★★★★
There was only one logical step for the ghetto funk/ breaks scene when the well of old school and underground hip hop rapapellas started drying up. Get some original vocals of course. There’s been barely a handful of those in the last few years but you can expect a lot more from now on as the necessity of finding something suitable (and unrinsed)