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DISCO CAKES present JFB feat. Mr Dero: The Fizzy Bubla EP (2012)

Cold weather getting you down? Need a party? Man if that’s you and you’re the sort of person who likes great big farty ghetto funk bass you’ll shit your insides out with excitement when you hear this. The latest Disco Cakes EP proffers three massive party tunes from Brighton scratch deejay/producer JFB which party breaks connoisseurs will be only too happy to snatch up. Each is based around uptempo hip-hop breaks with funk/soul/hip-hop

DANCEFLOOR OUTLAWS: Panda Style video + Disco Cakes Vol. 1 EP – 2010

This was actually in the inbox last week but got overlooked. You wouldn’t think it possible to overlook a video featuring an uprocking panda but that’s because you don’t live at Monkeyboxing Towers. I won’t go into exactly how weird living here must be for an uprocking panda to go unnoticed because the king of the potato people just told me everyone would think I was the weird one.