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DILATED PEOPLES: Directors Of Photography (2014)

Directors Of Photography Dilated PeoplesAnd so veteran L.A. hip-hop crew Dilated Peoples – contemporaries of J5, People Under The Stairs and the like – return with long overdue fifth studio full length Directors Of Photography. Dilated’s career is one that can broadly be divided into two distinct eras – the boom-bap of the first two (official) LPs The Platform and Expansion Team on the one hand and everything else (more new

DILATED PEOPLES: New LP ‘Directors Of Photography’ set for 2013 release

Last I heard, celebrated ‘underground’ LA hip-hop trio Dilated Peoples were due to release their fifth official studio LP this year. It transpires (in time-honoured rap fashion) that there might a slight delay. Why? Because they’ve not actually recorded it yet. The PR in my inbox suggests we might expect the goods some time in spring next year despite the fact that they’ve had a name for it