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DIESLER: Caught Counting feat. LIZZY PARKS & AZAXX

caught-counting-diesler-azaxx-lizzy-parksNo catching Diesler out with this bit of dancefloor-aimed broken beat sauciness. While Lizzy Parks‘ vocals may speak of soul-jazz, there’s definitely something gritty about the beat on Caught Counting which is to the sultriness of Parks’ voice what shadowy baseball bat-armed figures in the alleyway out back


Birds Bees Diesler Gloria Adereti Renegades Of JazzAh ‘the birds and the bees’- that classic British euphemism for having a certain awkward chat – you know – the one about where you have to explain what is wrong with putting a house beat under a soul vocal. Luckily Renegades Of Jazz is on hand to talk Diesler and Gloria Adereti through this embarrassing subject and, what is more, to ensure that at the end of it Birds & Bees

VARIOUS: A Little Something Radio – Music From The Modern Soul Underground (Compiled by Diesler) (2015)

A Little Something Radio DieslerAnyone with half an ear on the music industry knows that in December, ’tis the season to be silly or alternatively, ’tis the season for a freebie and often both at the same time. When you get to January on the other hand, ’tis the season for a compilation – some free, some not. Admittedly that doesn’t roll off the tongue quite so easily but it has this characteristic in common with the title

NICK PRIDE & THE PIMPTONES: Remixed Feast Of Jazz (2012)

Jazz-funky outfit Nick Pride & The Pimptones get a largely jazz-breaks makeover of their latest LP Midnight Feast Of Jazz from the likes of Fab Samperi, Diesler, Danny Massure and so on and so forth. Best cuts come in the form of Smoove (of Smoove & Turrell fame) and his drums of death re-version of Waitin So Long, Nick Pride and co themselves with their jazz-chunky Pimptroduction