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DJ FORMAT & ABDOMINAL: We’re Back/ Diamond Hammer 7″ (2017)

DJ FORMAT & ABDOMINAL:  We're Back7“We’re Here! We’re back!” Who’s back? Who else? Abdominal and Format! And with seven splendid inches of wax to boot. Phew! And you thought the slew of releases around their Still Hungry album wasn’t going to yield any 45 action at all. Nevertheless, here they are with the turbocharged double-header that is the thundering organic bass-led We’re Back 7″ and the equally energetic

DJ FORMAT & ABDOMINAL: Diamond Hammer (2017) Video

Rating: ★★★★★ Now no longer just a special item in a massive online roleplaying game (sorry Warcraft geeks!), Diamond Hammer is the new single from DJ Format & Abdominal and doesn’t it just hit like one? More heavy psych samples, a bludgeoning 130 bpm beat which puts the pair in Fabreeze Brothers territory and Abdominal giving the mic a good clobbering. The track follows