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DENNIS COFFEY: Hot Coffey In The D (2017)

hot-coffey-in-the-d-dennis-coffeyHow about an unheard album by the mighty Dennis Coffey then? Please don’t say ‘who’s Dennis Coffey?’ You know – Dennis Coffey! A man legendary in funk circles as an innovative session guitarist and member of Motown House Band, The Funk Brothers (and thus heard on numerous northern soul and funk cuts – including ones by The Temptations, Edwin Starr and The Supremes)

DENNIS COFFEY: If You Can’t (SHAKA LOVES YOU edit)(2016)

if-you-cant-dennis-coffeyRating: ★★★★★ Long-time readers will know that the monkey is a sucker for a well-turned out booty and Shaka Loves You‘s edit of Dennis ‘Scorpio’ Coffey’s Finger Lickin Good LP track If You Can’t Dance To This, entitled If You Can’t is so well-turned out it could win a fashion show. A seventies one, hosted in Studio 54 anyway. Disco the way it should be then – with the percussion funky and