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DEM JUJU POETS: Liberated Thoughts (2017)

DEM JUJU POETS  Liberated ThoughtsAs announced back in December when the Barabara seven inch came out, here at last is LP Liberated Thoughts which sees producer David Hanke provide a full-length debut in his current afro-funk incarnation Dem Juju Poets. Anyone familiar with any of Hanke’s other incarnations – especially Renegades Of Jazz will know that this man doesn’t mess around when it comes to

NUBIYAN TWIST: Dance Inna London feat. SUPACAT/ All The Pieces Ltd. 12″ (2017)

NUBIYAN TWIST:  Dance Inna London feat. SUPACATHow do you manage to fit both tracks of a single, plus two remixes of each track plus the instros on vinyl? The answer, hipsters, is on a twelve inch – remember them? Nubiyan Twist certainly do as they re-work Supacat’s dubby 80s dancehall cut Dance Inna London in their own live-band, jazzy-reggae style with singer Nubiya Brandon effortlessly supplying new vocals and lyrics and

DEM JUJU POETS: Voodoo Jazz/ Watusi Fever (2016)

voodoo-jazz-watusi-fever-dem-juju-poetsNot just the second Dem Juju Poets release this year but the second Dem Juju Poets release this month (and on two different labels, no less), this Voodoo Jazz/ Watusi Fever limited 45 finds Renegades Of Jazz’s David Hanke operating under his new moniker again with two energetic slices of hypnotic, jazzy afro-beat. Voodoo Jazz charts a course through uptempo percussion, antsy guitar

DEM JUJU POETS: Barabara (2016)

barabara-dem-juju-poetsIt should be clear by now that the man behind Renegades Of Jazz, a.k.a. David Hanke is far from being one to limit himself generically. There’s all the Mash & Munkee b-boy breaks for example, the ‘northern jazz’ sound of initial Renegades Of Jazz drops, the subsequent atmospheric blues-tinged breakbeats of the Paradise Lost LP and more recently the afro-funk of LP Moyo Wangu. For